Colds: how to stay beautiful
 Swollen face, red nose, watery eyes ... The unpleasant consequences of colds. How to help yourself to stay attractive, if you are struggling with a virus? There are a few tips.

1. Lip Balm for a nose ...

Frequent blowing the nose causes the skin on the nose and around the nostrils becomes dry, irritated and unattractive. Use a lip balm nose. Choose not toning formulations. You can also use hygienic lipstick. It should treat the skin balm inside the nostrils, outside and above the upper lip.

This tip helps to instantly feel better and fresher. This same advice you can apply, if the nose is blocked by an allergy to pollen. Handle the nostrils can be balm several times a day. What balm suitable for the nose: odorless balms and perfumes (for example, mint or citrus flavors further irritate), without color and shimmering finish.

Balms and lip need. Need proof formula with vitamins A and B (from chapped lips), with solar filter SPF 10 or 20.

 Colds: how to stay beautiful

2. Avoid mascara

It will leak or be showered with constant sneezing and tear eyes. Of course, false eyelashes, too, now - not the best choice for eye makeup. You can curl lashes before leaving the house, but if you need to lash color, use a water-resistant product.

If you use the shade, avoid purple and blue shades, they only show the red and watery eyes. Use a soft gray or brown shade. The liner is best not to use, it still tears "float."

3. Powder instead of foundation

When you have a cold, the person in the area of ​​the nose often have to wipe napkins and handkerchiefs. A layer of foundation in these areas face cleared instantly. And they do not make sense, because you will not be every 10 minutes to apply foundation all over again. Solution - compact powder. Carry it with you, to tinker with greasy skin, mask the redness. Pay attention to non-allergenic versions odorless powder because too much irritation to you now to anything.

4. Concealer - your salvation!

But, concealer - it's the tone product, which should not refuse. Use a dot: mask spoke flasks, dark circles under the eyes. Apply a drop of funds and blend with a brush. In order to hide the redness of the nose - you will need a concealer on yellow, it is best eliminates red nose from a cold.

 Colds: how to stay beautiful

5. Moisturize and relaxation

During the cold do not want to use scrubs and cleansers. They irritate and dry. Tasks moisturizing and calming the skin mask can be charged. Make a moisturizing mask on the basis of sour cream or fat cream, remove it from the face cloth with lotion. The skin calm, hydrated, will cease to be tightened, you'll feel better.

6. wipes with moisturizing effect

If you have a runny nose, you often have to rub the nose with a tissue or handkerchief. Buy package shawls impregnated with aloe vera lotion or moisturizer. With these handkerchiefs healing the skin around the nose will take a couple of days. Do not use paper napkins, buy fabrics that do not irritate or injure the skin.

7. Eye drops

Loved by many girls Vizin which clarifies the look and eliminates the fatigue on ordinary days, during cold also helps. Buy drops and put in makeup - reddened and swollen eyes you will not get any. But keep in mind that it is better to look for "their" product. Visine is not for everyone, some say that their eyes hurt these drops. One can find in the market such droplets which have a cooling effect, and are intended for a hypersensitive skin.

 Colds: how to stay beautiful

8. Blush

Of the products of makeup must-have can be called a blush. When we get sick, you usually face pale and sickly. Freshen help him blush. You can try a product with a slight shimmer to add the face a healthy glow.

9. Dry Shampoo

When cold is better to once again not to wash my hair. But the hair should stay fresh. You will gain a dry shampoo. It can be applied at least every day. In the first application, use a small amount of the product, and in the following may be applied to a lot of dry hair shampoo.

10. Antibacterial soap

Dermatologists are not enthusiastic about this product. But during the virus is best to wash your hands with an antibacterial product. Modern versions of the soap have taken into account the requirement for hydration of the skin and are composed of skin conditioners, herbal extracts and oils.

11. Drink!

To sensation in the throat were comfortable, drink as much herbal tea. If bad feeling in your stomach - is added to the drink ginger. Some alcoholic beverages facilitate sore throat, for example, such as whiskey or grog. Naturally, they should be consumed in medicinal doses, or added to tea. Alcohol can not swallow, and rinse your mouth with it 1-2 times a day. This manipulation kills viruses and bacteria.

 Colds: how to stay beautiful

And the main recommendation. If you have a cold, stay for a few days at home, then faster and easier will suffer discomfort. Follow the advice of your doctor: beauty without health is not possible. Finally, smile. After smile masks better than any cosmetics!
Author: Tamara