Critical days: napkins, tampons, menstrual cups or tablets?
 Menstruation - the natural state of the female body. Normal regular cycle practically does not cause discomfort women, except, perhaps, agony of choice - a means of hygiene prefer? On the time-tested pads and tampons, as well as innovation - menstrual cups and tablets from the critical days tells myCharm.


Breathable and wings, fragrant and discrete, day and night - today's huge range of gaskets and it's great! In a highly competitive manufacturers of hygiene products we can get a really quality product hygiene, which suited us in all respects - the shape and thickness of the product, discharge capacity and even the degree of stickiness of the back of the product.

To avoid cases of "leakage" should be selected pads, focusing on the amount of menstrual blood, which your body loses a monthly basis. To scanty (1-3 ml.) Suitable gasket 2 drops to moderate (3-9 ml.) - 3 drops to heavy (7-15 ml.) And extremely heavy discharge (9-20 ml.) - Respectively 4 and 5 droplets. Figure 6-8 drops on the strip product shows belonging to means night hygiene such pads have an elongated shape and a larger surface as compared with daytime embodiments.

Benefits pads are obvious: ease of use and ease of change. The blood does not stagnate in the woman's body and then leaves the body - this is an important moment of the health of our body. However, it also entails drawbacks, chemicals and synthetic materials used during manufacturer gaskets, in contact with the secretions contribute to the growth of bacteria on the surface of the vagina. For this reason, women are more likely to suffer from thrush, getting discomfort from itching and redness. Scientists have warned that about 80% of gynecological diseases caused by synthetic hygiene. There is something to think about!

If the previous data have not impressed and gaskets for you is still the best choice, try a novelty - anion pads. Due to the particular anion chip embedded into the upper layer of absorbent pads, the latter takes on the amazing properties: it reduces the inflammation affects the heavy menstruation and does not breed bacteria. Fiction, and more! Women in the eastern countries and in the West have already appreciated the innovation, why not try it and you?


Small cotton swabs streamlined shape with grooves on the side and at the end of a thread - just as familiar to us as the pads. Due to the special applicators, and sometimes without them, the tampon inserted into the vagina and allows you to enjoy life, not thinking about the critical days for at least 3-6 hours. After that, the tampon can be easily removed and replaced by a new one. This process is, of course, is not very pleasant, but the feeling of security is worth it.

Miniature plugs are designed for a period when very few selections, the degree of absorption of 6-9 ml medium swabs - the norm for everyone, which is limited to 9-13 ml. secretions, but the biggest swabs - the prerogative of girls and women with heavy menstrual periods, absorbency of hygiene 12-15 ml.

Choosing the means of hygiene, keep in mind that the "thrifty" just in case as a maximum number of droplets with tampons is not working. Thickening and sealed the product will dry mucous and give you significant discomfort. Therefore, the number of droplets only when necessary!

 Critical days: napkins, tampons, menstrual cups or tablets?

Menstrual cups

There are similar with tampons, but have a completely different appearance. This innovation, which has managed to catch the fancy of many women, carried out by a small elastic cap that is inserted into the vagina. Menstrual blood is stored in it, and then poured, hygiene clean and disinfected before it can be used again. Manufacturers claim that the cup can not be emptied up to 12 hours, but it Gynecologists their opinion. Not less than 4 hours - read as Aesculapius medicine and confirm your words in medical research.

Since the cup means the accumulation of secretions in the body of a woman, she, like a tampon, has one significant drawback - increases the risk of infection or inflammation. In addition, it is not always convenient to extract it out, carefully washed and disinfected. Even if you left a few bowls, used still have to be emptied and rinsed with water. Overall, hygiene is not bad.

Tablets from menstruation

Just recently, Australian scientists have presented the world medicine menstruation. This pill, which by analogy with contraceptives protect against unwanted pregnancy, reducing the number of critical days. If standard tablets menstruation is given 5 days per month, this means you can offer only three cycles per year! Manufacturers claim that this reduction is safe for the female body, but on the contrary - in extending the productive age. This happens due to the conservation of eggs. Sounds good, do not you want to try?

Good health, dear women!
Author: Natalia Bartukova