Dangers for your skin, which you do not realize
 What is the main harm to the skin? The sun's rays, toxic ingredients of cosmetics, bad habits ... but not only. Bacteria - here's another one enemy lying in wait for your skin at almost every step. Learn how to protect themselves from germs, fungi and bacteria that destroy your skin.

Rule 3 seconds

  Sometimes this rule is called the "rule of 5-seconds." But it's not a very big difference. And the meaning of the rules in the following. Bacteria from the floor to get the fallen object necessarily, and a chance to escape from them only when the last contact with the floor moments. If such contact is 3 seconds or more, it means that all of the microbes which live on the floor, has moved on a fallen object.

Such a rule always comes to mind when the floor drops a piece of bread or pizza. But it is worth to recall that when dropped on the floor brush for makeup, lipstick, facial tissue and so on. Remember this, and know that the risks really lie in wait for us everywhere. And sometimes just a few seconds, the skin began to suffer this match.

Your towel

The shocking fact was published not long ago. It turns out that the towel can not accumulate fewer bacteria than the toilet .... Researchers compared samples of the environment in the toilet and on towels, and found that the latter - an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. After all, the situation worsens moist environment in which there are towels and humidity allows bacteria to multiply with a vengeance.

Exit?   As often as possible to change the towels, better - every day. In addition, dry towel and store towels for face and body separately.

 Dangers for your skin, which you do not realize


Pillowcases more large collectors bacteria than towels. Because of all the above factors are added sweat, skin oils, dead skin cells, which act on the skin throughout the night.

Exit?   First, sleep on your back. This, of course, does not solve the problem completely, but it helps a little. In addition, sleep on your back retards the growth of wrinkles and prevents swelling. Second, wash pillowcases often as possible, at least 1 time in 2-3 days. And do not use fabric softener or too aromatic powder, such pillowcase will further irritate the skin.

Excessive hygiene

A day on the skin accumulates a huge amount of dust and dirt. Therefore, facial cleansing becomes an important part of daily hygiene. However, this does not mean that a person should be washed as often as possible. After all, there are women who resorted to washing with detergent up to 4-5 times a day. The best is to clean the face with a cleanser no more than 2 times per day. More frequent washing leads to that the skin loses its protective barrier and becomes more susceptible to the same bacteria and dirt.

Exit?   Cleansing should be performed in the morning and evening. Some people mistakenly think that the morning skin is clean and confined to rinse the face. First, think about the bedding, which first absorbs fats and oils, and then during the night gives it all back into the skin. Secondly, do not forget that night, the skin secrete sweat and dead cells. And if all this is not clear, the subsequent product as a moisturizer or BB-creams just cover them, and during the day the pores are clogged with dirt. As a result, and the skin will suffer, and take care of the product will not operate properly.

Skip morning washing is not necessary, but if the skin is very dry - to switch to a gentle, low foaming detergent.

 Dangers for your skin, which you do not realize

Lack of hygiene

When we talk about the purity of the face, you should first pay attention to the cleanliness ... your hands. Hands we put almost all the money's Skin, hands, we shaded cosmetics, hands we touch the face more than 100 times a day, etc.

Exit?   Wash hands before washing your face. Secondly, during the hand wash's Skin treatments. What is meant? For example, your care consists of two products: serum and cream. After you apply the serum, you should wait at least 5 minutes, so that the product is completely absorbed and began to work, and only then apply the cream. And who can 5 minutes to sit around? Of course, you check your email, watch TV or read the newspaper. Consequently, in her arms again settle for a number of bacteria. Therefore, dermatologists say, to wash their hands during the procedure's Skin.


This device is extremely simplified our lives, we use the telephone not only for calls and access the email, it shows us the way, it helps to learn the news, makes it possible to take photos, making movies and still many, many utilities have in their functions. But this versatility leads him to the fact that the phone becomes a breeding ground for germs. One study found that 1 square centimeter of the surface of the smartphone can be more than 30 thousand of bacteria, and in general they can be in the millions!

Dermatologists have been seeing an increase in skin irritations due to the smartphone, which we touch face hundreds of times during the day. Heating devices only reinforces the negative impact and the growth of bacteria.

Exit?   It is simple. This antibacterial wipes which must always be in your bag. They do not take up much space, and can help prevent acne and skin irritation. At home, you can treat your phone and tablet antibacterial spray. There is also another original advice from dermatologists: as often as possible include a "hands-free" not to touch your face phone.

 Dangers for your skin, which you do not realize


Of all the accessories sunglasses are the most dangerous for the skin, because they are in close proximity to the sensitive skin around the eyes. The dangers are the same: the dead cells, sebum, dust and dirt that accumulate on the lenses and frames.

Exit?   As is the case with smartphones, regular cleaning will save the situation and not allow the skin to expose the risks.

Makeup brushes

As well as applicators, sponges, powder puffs. All of these tools Beauty accumulate a bunch of bacteria. But the most dangerous are those that are used in the wet method, applying makeup. In humid environments, microbes multiply much faster. Dry brush also accumulate dust and dirt.

Exit?   It is important to at least 1 time per week to wash brushes and sponges. And remember, left a month without washing brushes and applicators already pose a serious threat, it was proved that the 1 month - a critical period, which leads to a dangerous concentration of microbes.
Author: Tamara