FIRST AID from HARTMANN when bruises and sprains for young champions
 Every day, each child puts records - some on physical education (pulled best in class!), Some - in the courtyard (the fastest rides a bike!). Parents are genuinely happy for the success of their child, but we should not forget that victory are often associated with injuries.

During a fall from a bicycle, sports equipment, slides, swings there is always the risk of bruises and sprains. To learn how to give first aid and what this means for innovative use we discuss in this article.

Of course, the means to provide first aid should always be kept handy. So take care of that in your home and villa (hiking, tourism), the medicine cabinet was attended by all the basic facilities to provide adequate care. They do not take up much space, but it will give you a sense of calm and confidence. Using them with bruises or sprains, you can be sure that his son had a daughter or best care.

Your actions

If your child came home with a bruise, Seat, or lay it abrasion and cover with sterile material (such as sterile gauze). Then, take care not to infect the resulting wound. For this it is important to treat the hands. The facility, which should always be at your home ready - is an antiseptic for processing hands Sterillium (Sterillium) . Today it is successfully used not only providers, but also everyone who cares about the health of their families. In addition, Sterillium not dry your hands and then you take care of your skin.

Treat abrasion, avoiding alcohol-containing agents in the wound itself, so only handle around. Do not use "magic ointment" and oil, as it can impede access to the wound.

In the treatment of minor abrasions first layer is necessary to apply a sterile dressing atraumatic Branolind H , Which includes the Peruvian balm, known for his strong antiseptic and wound-healing effect. Branolind H is a fairly large mesh cells with an ointment base that allows you to safely carry out the dressing. The dressing on the wound may be up to 3 days. This reduces wound healing time, and you will save your time, money and frustration.

As you know, child care is not only got a bruise or abrasion. It is much more global "disaster" for children is always a "house arrest" or bans, very close to him. Children can not wait when they can once again will drive a bike and set new records. In order not to harm the received wounds, to avoid the risk of infection and long-term healing, you can use a self-bandage Peha-Haft That provides the best fixation bandages in children. It should be noted that the innovative bandage is very economical to use - enough half to two turns to secure the bandage any. Fixation is provided by a special, dual structure of the tissue. Thanks to the double effect of coupling and micropitting adhesive impregnation, the bandage needs no additional fixing - simply press the end of the bandage, and a bandage will be secured. The elastic properties of the bandage does not fetter movements. This bandage does not slip and does not stretch, so that the dressing is in place, even if your young champion will continue "to win awards, trophies and pennants in the Olympics." In addition, the bandage is available not only in white but also in red and blue colors - bright and energetic, and certainly not of the brand.

Rapid healing of abrasions

Effectively protect closed abrasions and create the best conditions for their healing and help innovative bandage Kosmopor Antibakterial . This tool is so unique that the protection and healing of abrasions can do them alone.

Kosmopor Antibakterial - a sterile adhesive bandage, which is located inside the absorbent pad 4 hsloynaya new generation technology DrayBarrer. This unique technology is four layers that protect the wound and contribute to its speedy recovery. The first contact layer is permeable atraumatic microgrid, which protects the dressing from adhering to the wound. The second layer is made of viscose and absorbs fluid from the wound, redistributing it in the next layer. The third layer, containing silver, a microgrid coated metallic silver, which is known for its antibacterial properties. The fourth layer, an absorbent, being blocked in the wound fluid even under pressure pad.

Thus, Kosmopor Antibakterial to minimize the risk of a wound infection and accelerates healing. In addition, the dressing is removed completely painless. However, you have to change it less frequently than usual.

Especially for children's elbows and knees, which are so often stripped of asphalt, Hartmann offers Cosmos kids antibacterial. This patch also is based on the technology DrayBarrer, and a special form and the availability of pictures make it a real decoration for the children, they will be proud of and brag to your friends.

Another unique tool for the treatment of abrasions - a hydrocolloid plasters Cosmos gidroaktivny. It allows you to not only reduce the time of treatment of abrasions, but also is an effective analgesic. The peculiarity of this patch is that it immediately alleviates the pain, while forming a moist environment over the wound, which helps rapid healing, absorbs wound fluid prevents microbes and thus allows the wound to "breathe." The patch does not adhere to the wound and can remain on the skin up to 7 days.

To avoid possible allergies (if your child is allergic to the patch), you can use hypoallergenic patches in rolls and spools OMNI. They are not only different strength of fixation, but also created for different skin types, including very sensitive child. Thus, suitable for sensitive skin adhesive silk Omnisilk coil in the green, and especially to sensitive skin - a patch of nonwoven Omnipor in yellow coil.

Elastic bandages from Hartmann against sprains

If your child has suffered a dislocation or strain, it is important to remove the swelling, which is necessary for a speedy recovery. Improve blood circulation and lymph flow helps elastic compression bandage Pyutterbint. It is 100% cotton, breathable and does not irritate the skin. This innovative bandage can be washed and ironed. Secure the bandage will help all the same patch Omniplast, which we have already mentioned.

Another unique development Hartmann - elastic bandage with cooling effect DermaPlast CoolFix . Its cooling effect lasts for up to two hours, without creating the risk of hypothermia (as is the case with ordinary ice, which can not be kept for more than 15 minutes). This bandage is indispensable in all circumstances - hikes, trips, sporting events, as well as the house where the young champions continue to train and frolic.

Brand Hartmann wants young champions of new victories and records without scratches and bruises. But if the trouble occurred, and is recovering more with new strength to continue the fight for the championship!