Hardening of the body: where to start?
 Hardening - it would seem, it is nothing but as a way to make fun of you! But it is doing a lot of people. And not because they like to bully him. Here, in fact more than that. Namely - the health and well-being for years to come. Agree, it is worth to be patient a few simple procedures hardening. So, let's learn to survive in a cold environment!

Oh, frost, frost, freeze me ...

"Here's another! "- Outraged you. But do not hurry. Think about it! Chill - the best healer and preservative of your youth and beauty. Is not that a worthy occasion to make friends?

Useful than the cold?

• It has rejuvenating effect . In cosmetology widely used cryo chamber, turns the clock back by low temperatures. This stimulates the entire body.

• Having made friends with the cold, you will become much hardier , Can easily adapt to different temperature changes.

• You will increase resistance to all sorts of infections and adverse factors. You will significantly strengthen immunity .

• Procedures for hardening enhance your Activity and performance Ensure a supply of energy.

• And, most importantly, helps to normalize tempering metabolism That, of course, is bound to affect your figure, if you have a problem with that.

• The cold will help to strengthen vessels , Whereby differential pressure will be forgotten and migraine.

 Hardening of the body: where to start?

Where to begin?

Everything should be approached intelligently, so at first, it is important not to overdo it. The main principle - do no harm. Do not no need to immediately dive into the hole or ice water bath.

Do not forget about the most important subject to the rules of hardening, or to achieve a proper result, you can not.

Tempering should be:

Regularly.   No "emmmm ... tomorrow? ". Just today, now!

Gradually.   Start by not causing much discomfort cool treatments, gradually adding more and more touch of cold. If you are prone to colds, make a longer transition from warm to cool.

Remember, that:

• In the case of hardening it is necessary to stop the disease. Of course, if the break lasts for more than a week, and then have to start all over again, because during this time the body has time to grow out of extreme conditions.

• If you have a serious illness hardening only with the permission of the attending physician.

Plan hardening   It should include a set of exercises, which, incidentally, is not limited to the cold. These include:

• air and sun baths;

• sponging;

• pouring;

• swimming in waters with cold water;

• contrast baths.

 Hardening of the body: where to start?

Starting with the best air baths . This procedure is exactly like you, if you like to get up early. In the summer, waking up before dawn, go out to the balcony, dressed as easy and wait in the open air, and then return to the warmth of the room. Repeat this doggedly every day, not paying attention to the weather. She's not afraid of you!

Pouring cold   - The most important and popular element of hardening. Especially because it is enough to look into his bath. Type in a bucket of cold water and obleytes! Then take a towel and rub thoroughly.

Only after you have mastered the basic procedures, you can add new ones, such as:

• walking barefoot on a cold surface;

• Charging the fresh crisp air;

• jogging.

All this will help not only to harden, but also lead to excellent condition your figure. And let at first you may have a difficult, do not give up! Gradually you get used to and, who knows, maybe even get the hang ?!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya