Healthy habits this fall
 Began to change - a great way to get rid of the blues and depression plaguing us almost every autumn. We offer to make Fall 2011 start of a new life. Acquire healthy habits, improve their health, and reassure, you see, the winter will pass on the positive, and behind it the long-awaited spring sun!

Habit 1. Do not skip breakfast
Most of us know that the breakfast - the most important meal of the day. After throughout the night you do not eat, your body needs fuel in order to continue to operate. Breakfast - is the only way to give impetus to the body for the day ahead. Also, people who eat breakfast tend to get more micronutrients, cereals, fruits in your diet.

Another reason not to forget about breakfast - fiber. Most people do not receive the necessary amount of fiber per day (25 to 38 grams per day). And that breakfast can change this situation. Because we eat breakfast cereal or oatmeal. But fiber supports the heart, improves digestion.

Well, the main thing - those who eat breakfast, maintain their normal weight. Even banal sandwich or plate of corn flakes - and you've already done a lot for your health and harmony. Great, right?

 Healthy habits this fall
 Habit 2. Avoid dehydration
Although the ambient temperature is more comfortable and less thirsty than in the heat, we do not give up drinking. In the autumn, as well as at any time of year, it is important to consume enough water. You can also replenish fluids by consuming foods with high water content such as tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, watermelons.

Hint : The average adult man need each day 3, 7 liters of water, the woman - 2, 7 liters.

 Healthy habits this fall
 Habit 3. Eat antioxidants
It's not only youth, but also a good immune system. A fellow with a runny nose with the advent of autumn has become more! Therefore, we are enriching the diet of foods containing antioxidants. The simplest clue how to do it - make sure that the fruits and vegetables accounted for half your plate at every meal. A second tip - do not forget about the simple, but very useful, improves the immune system products with vitamins and trace elements:

- Vitamin C is found in 100% orange juice, red and green peppers, broccoli. These products have more than 100 mg of vitamin C in the middle portion.
- Vitamin E is found in nuts, spinach, sunflower oil.
- Beta-carotene is looking for in a pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, green.
- Selenium is found in nuts, mushrooms and fish such as tuna and halibut.
- Zinc is found in lean meat, beans, nuts, low-fat dairy products.

 Healthy habits this fall
 Habit 4. Locate the new types of training
By practicing the same exercise from season to season, we provide currently the effect of the so-called "plateau" or risen weight. The body adapts to exercise, and to see the effect of the training, each time you need to increase the load. And that, you see, does not bring pleasure, but only leads to fatigue and negative emotions. It is therefore very important to keep your body to offer new, previously unknown load to the muscles continued to be on our toes, and calories burned.

If you are used to run, it is necessary to add to the class for a few minutes sprint, or sometimes simply to change the route that you run. If you are on a stationary bike - replace 10 to 30 minutes once a week treadmill. If you are used to train indoors, then add exercise outdoors. Sometimes even a small detail will lead to a resumption of the effectiveness of training.

 Healthy habits this fall
 Habit 5. Find a friend to practice
Everyone knows that the main challenge on the way to harmony and health - motivation. Having a partner fitness largely solves the problem. You can even come up with some kind of penalty for each other, if someone cancels a class. You can go even further. Find a friend for busy ... virtually. The Internet provides an excellent opportunity to meet and associate with the same interests. You can start a blog, which will see only you and your associates, and bring back the plans, records of employment, tips. And then excuses such as "I have no one to go for a run" will be bankrupt!

 Healthy habits this fall
 Habit 6. Set goals
This is a great incentive to change. Only if they are not slozhnodostizhimymi or does not match your capabilities. For example, set a goal for a week - to consume more fruits and vegetables. It is more realistic than to lose kilograms. Or, for example, set a goal to engage for 30 minutes three times a week, but not the rest of life, and at least a week. This is also a feasible task, and it will be pleasant for her to report to him. In short, the goal should not have to enter into a depression, but rather to inspire. It is better to move in small steps, it does not allow you to quickly give up and throw the health care.

 Healthy habits this fall
 Habit 7. Think about the summer ...
Think about that summer very soon. And if you do everything right, in October, by June will become absolutely happy about my body. Zoom summer help and a trip to warmer climes for Christmas. This again does not motivate throwing exercises and follow the diet. Because there is an opportunity to demonstrate a bikini in January. And by the way, what about the pool by the end of autumn or winter? Constant attention to the figure does not give you surprised in the beginning of June excess Zhirkov on the thighs and abdomen.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin