How not to "earn" varicose veins?
 Just not interesting people in our time are not familiar with the word "varicose veins." In today's world - a real attack: her struggle with ointments and gels, special gymnastics and folk methods are compression stockings and stick to a diet that does not make the problem worse. Let us today we will talk about how to behave and how to introduce healthy habits into their everyday lives to this disease even in the future, you did not develop, because as with many illnesses, varicose veins easier to prevent than to cure.

Rule 1. The legs ... up!

Make it a rule to throw your feet up at the earliest opportunity. We came home from work? Cast the legs even for a few minutes, and after a long load - you can lie and longer. During sleep, you can lay a cushion under his feet, folded blanket or a special orthopedic pillow for your feet.

Rule 2. Do not stand for long periods

Yes, long standing negative impact on the state of our feet, and yet they are the most susceptible to varicose veins. If you have a standing job, you often find at least a few minutes to walk around, stretch their legs, to change the position of the body. In extreme cases often shifted from one foot to the other. For a more effective prevention of wear special compression stockings or tights.

Rule 3. Exercise

It fits almost all sports, except where necessary to lift heavy objects. Great impact on the state of veins run (but on the ground or grass instead of asphalt or concrete) and cycling. Champion also among all sports to prevent varicose veins is swimming. The water pressure is good tones vessels and horizontal body perfectly relaxed. If you had not thought of, please note that swimmers almost never varicose veins.

Rule 4. Include fiber in the diet

Cellulose - a real shiner body. What does it have to do with varicose veins? Direct! The fact that one of the causes of constipation are varicose veins and slagging organism. Fiber is also contained in cereals and peel vegetables and fruit, like a sponge collects all harmful substances and removes them from the body.

 How not to "earn" varicose veins?

Rule 5: Avoid tight clothing

Any clothing, much fitting the hips, legs and knees harmful (tight jeans and skirts, etc.) - It prevents the normal circulation of the blood, resulting in an varicose veins, as well as many other diseases.

Rule 6. Wear the heels of average height

High heels are almost as bad as a completely flat sole. Choose the heels of average height, but if forced to wear the pin - from time to time remove the shoes and knead shin.

Rule 7. Wash your feet ...

In the morning, during the washing procedure, take a few minutes and feet - "wash" should be cool water. This increases the vascular tone.

Rule 8. What's Hot?

If you want to avoid being caught varicose veins - the hotter it is better not to leave, or rather not to put anything. Avoid too hot baths, saunas, prolonged sun exposure.

Remember, varicose veins are subject to much more. Sometimes the question arises: why he or she spends time on his feet more than I do, and poorly nourished, and it does not have varicose veins, while I'm watching their health, they suffer ?! The answer is simple: it is possible, in your case there is a genetic predisposition. If your parents or grandparents suffered grandmother vein problems, then you will be hard to avoid them. Knowing this fact, try never to forget the aforementioned rules. Be healthy!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya