How to effectively help themselves with headaches?
 "There is nothing worse than when a headache" - say many women. And indeed, this pain does not do anything, nothing to do. On it is impossible to forget, and did not get to ignore it. So many of us at the first symptoms try to do everything possible to keep the pain to develop further. And you have such their ways of dealing with a headache?

First, the reasons
Do reassure you that women experience headaches more often than men. It is true, as we have, there are constant changes in the level of estrogen, which is indicative of the different stages of the menstrual cycle. Headaches often occur during ovulation, during the premenstrual period, at the time of the menstrual period. Watch yourself, if you have headaches occur in these times, it is due to a change in hormone levels. Noted in his diary days when you are plagued by pain compare with the calendar month, after 3 months of observation you will get the exact answer, connected whether your headaches with the menstrual cycle.

In addition, doctors who study headaches, talk about the products provocateur for headaches. These are: red wine, cheese, caffeine-containing foods, canned foods. The reasons may be a state of stress, mental stress. Sometimes the headache - this is a consequence of other diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease and tooth, blurred vision, fever, colds.

Headache Women
In general, women are two types of headaches in women: migraine and muscle tension (spasm). State of tension marked stronger pressure on the back of the head, although it is a significant, but not "turn off" a woman from a life with such pain can continue to work, as a rule. These pains do not last more than a couple of hours.

 How to effectively help themselves with headaches?
   Migraines are the same - a painful condition: that nagging, aching pain, usually on one side of the forehead, accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting. Migraines last from several hours to several days! From 5 to 10% of women who suffer from migraines, experts say, are especially bright and colorful aura.

The women whom we call workaholics, more likely to experience migraines. Poor sleep, morning rise at different times, a long sleep on weekends - the habit of working women provoke migraine.

How to effectively help themselves
Many women have a purse paracetamol, aspirin or analgin, and it helps them. However, the tablet does not show everything, not always, moreover, even the doctors say that without the help of medicines is becoming more important in our times, when we are so crammed with chemistry and synthetic drugs. So you should try some of the easiest ways to get rid of a headache:

- Head massage. Place your thumbs on the temples centers. Massage in a circular motion for a minute or two. If you make a massage at the very first symptoms of headache, it is possible to quickly prevent it.

- Hot bath. This may help your muscles relax.

- Visualization. Imagine your pain as enveloping his head, as if an invisible scarf tied around his head. Mentally unleash the pain, try to feel the pain goes away.

- If the headache is caused by the common cold, it is often enough to warm the neck. Make a hot compress or ointment anoint warming the back of the neck.

- For migraine - frost. If the migraine is accompanied by a slight fever (how would you feel that the head "burns"), the cold "works" better than the heat. Put ice in a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel - and here's a simple cooling compress. You can keep in the refrigerator for a bag of peas or rice, and this bag and use as a compress on the forehead.

- Lie down in a dark room. This advice is for those who experience migraines. Lie down in a dark and quiet room, lie down an hour or more, you feel relieved.

- Snack. Sometimes the headache - it is a sign of hunger, blood sugar is not enough. Before you take a pill, remember the last time you ate. Perhaps it was for a long time, so a snack will help cope with the pain. It is better to eat small meals often, it will eliminate the headaches of hunger or thirst.

- Take a coffee break. If you feel the onset of a migraine, you should as soon as possible to have a cup of strong coffee. You can then take an aspirin. Caffeine acts on the blood vessels and nerve endings, in this case, as well as ice.

- Avoid caffeine. If you do not have migraine, the caffeine, however, can not help but provoke a persistent headache. In this case, doctors advise to gradually withdraw from caffeine-containing beverages. Reduce the daily rate of just coffee to one cup (120-180 ml), and, if possible, drink it as slowly as possible. And over time, it is desirable to switch to decaffeinated beverages: juice, milk, flower teas.

- Keep a diary of your headaches. It will help to diagnose the disease. Capture not only your monthly cycle, but what you eat. This is due to the fact that all matters in a very individual headache. And for some may induce headache, for example, chocolate or wine.

- If you have migraines, eliminate from the diet of long-storage products, pickled and preserved foods containing MSG, nitrates, instant products, instant soups.

- In normal headaches can help not only the head massage, and neck and shoulder massage. These muscles usually strain under stress and cause headaches. If no one is there to make you a massage, then very carefully ourselves porazminayte neck and shoulders. It is useful to do so: the shoulders are lowered at the same time pull your head up, and in the opposite direction - head down and shoulders top. All manipulations with shoulder belt makes it very gently, not abruptly!

- Drink water. Often headaches associated with dehydration. Perhaps your body needs more water than you take in, to eliminate toxins. The accumulation of toxins leads to lethargy and fatigue. Just take two glasses of water. It does not relieve the pain instantly, but significantly weaken it.

 How to effectively help themselves with headaches?
 - Breathe deeply. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. This will remove the tension in your body, relax. If you own the techniques of meditation, in conjunction with proper breathing is a significant help.

- Take a walk on foot. Walking relaxes. If the pain is caused by a lack of fresh air, unpleasant surroundings, then you too will feel relief.

- Take a pain reliever. Sometimes it is also better than endure the pain. Do not forget to drink plenty of water pill (large full glass). It is better to take a little nap. But do not get carried away with pills, take only when absolutely necessary, because the side effects can be a problem with the kidneys and liver in the future.

- The diet of women who experience migraine should combine leafy vegetables, seafood, nuts and whole grains.

- Some drugs, according to studies, can block migraine. Just decide whether you want to force the body tablets. However, calcium supplements, anti-depressants, aspirin, some women cropped migraine. For example, one aspirin a day (325 milligrams) reduces by 20% of migraine.

In which case, see a doctor
Specialists headaches isolated to three hundred varieties of this pain. Most of them - this is pain associated with muscle tension. The rest of the state - the different nature of migraine. But the conclusion of doctors alone: ​​if you have pain that prevents you to live, then a visit to a specialist should not be delayed. And alarming symptoms accompanying headache should be the following:
- Loss of concentration, confusion
- Numbness, cooling
- Vision problems, blurred vision
- Frequent headaches (more than usual) in humans after 50
- Chronic headaches, bringing inconvenience.
Author: Olga Larsen