How to properly clean the ears?
 Few people know, but we really do not wax is mud, which is why it is not necessary to try to thoroughly clean out their ears. Moreover, the more often you clean the ears and try to penetrate deeper, the worse ... doing my ears! After all, if your ears are completely healthy, they might well be cleansed and without help! How? Learn from this article.

Self-cleaning process is quite simple, as the growth of nails. Skin in the ear canal all the time is shifted out because of its growth, and it happens pretty quickly. This is due to the fact that the self-cleaning contributes to any movement of the temporomandibular joint, as he moves every time we eat, coughing and just talk.

 How to properly clean the ears?

Moving forward from the eardrum to the entrance of the ear canal, sulfur, which consists of sebaceous glands and sulfur, it helps to clear the passage of foreign particles and dead skin cells. Also, it protects the ear canal from negative influences and moisturizes it. As they progress toward the entrance, change the color of sulfur, forming eventually a brown ring at the entrance to the ear canal, and only this ring must be carefully cleaned off without penetrating deeper into the ear swab. The result will be a deeper penetration is that you will push the sulfur ... back inside to the eardrum and create sulfuric stopper there, and it will worsen your hearing and even cause severe headaches!

 How to properly clean the ears?

One of the main reasons that formed cerumen, is that most people are wrong to take care of the outer ear: often use cotton swabs, as well as any means available - such as pins, matches, or even ballpoint pens. In order to avoid the formation of cerumen and other "ear" problems, you need to remember some guidelines for proper cleaning of ears:

• Removal of ear wax can be made only at the entrance of the ear canal - where a brown ring. Deeper penetration can disturb the natural self-cleaning and sulfur cluster to push the eardrum, from which he can not move during the chewing action. Because of this, the lump becomes more dense and eventually turns into sulfuric cork.

• The safest way to remove slugging is its dissolution using olive oil or seawater, and special solvents.

 How to properly clean the ears?

• The plug can be removed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide. To do this, type in a special syringe for ear peroxide or other liquid to the ears. Means must be necessarily room temperature. Then, tilt your head sideways, so to clean ear was on top. Carefully attach the syringe ushnomu hole and pour a few drops of peroxide in the ear. Immediately thereafter you will hear a hissing sound, which occurs due to the reaction of peroxide and sulfur. Once the hissing died down, tilt your head in the opposite direction to the liquid safely drained from the ear.

• If you notice that cerumen began to appear too often, you should seek medical advice.

 How to properly clean the ears?

What you should know about cleaning the ears?

1) Try to use as little as possible cotton swabs - one wrong move can cause hearing damage.

2) After bathing, clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide. It's much easier and safer.

3) Do not use peroxide frequently than once a week.

4) If you have problems with your ears, or perforation of the membrane was observed, hydrogen peroxide can be used.

5) In the case where you just can not remove themselves sulfuric cork, consult a doctor immediately.

By following the basic rules and guidelines for cleaning the ears, you'll never have problems with hearing, and most importantly will save yourself from a variety of health problems that may arise due to such trivial things like earwax.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya