How to recognize appendicitis?
 Appendicitis - a serious disease caused by inflammation of the appendix, colon or, as it is called, of the appendix. Despite the fact that appendicitis - a disease which can be diagnosed as adults of both sexes, and in children, is still active disease often hurts women. And I noticed that women experience atypical symptoms of the disease and that more difficult to diagnose. Today we will speak about signs of appendicitis in women, and the nature of occurrence of the disease.

Appendicitis in women: What should I know?

Any pain in the abdomen, especially if it is urgent, should be a signal that it's time to consult a doctor. The cause of abdominal pain can be a disease of the intestine, urinary system, digestive system and appendicitis. According to statistics, women suffer from appendicitis often than men; There are a number of theories to explain it.

According to some experts, the monthly inflow of blood, namely menstruation, can affect the appendix and cause its inflammation. Yet it is believed that this is due to feature the location of the internal organs where inflammation of the appendix may be caused by inflammation of adjacent organs. Also, a greater incidence of appendicitis in women and is associated with the state of pregnancy. The fact that the enlarged uterus can compress the appendix, disrupting blood flow, which leads to its inflammation.

As we have said, to diagnose appendicitis in women more difficult. Why is that? All due to the peculiarities of the structure and arrangement of the internal organs in women in men. For example, if a man has a sharp pain in the right iliac region with a very high probability speaks of appendicitis, then women are different. The fact is that in addition to the appendix of women in this area is the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the pain can be a symptom of diseases of any organ, located in this place.

Sometimes correctly diagnose appendicitis in women can be difficult during pregnancy. The fact that the pain of appendicitis are not so obvious, but other symptoms such as nausea and weakness, a woman can be attributed to morning sickness or indigestion.

With timely diagnosis of appendicitis is easily treatable by surgery, but if the disease tighten - will peritonitis (ruptured appendix with a hit of pus in the abdomen), which is often the cause of death, even in our days. Let's look at the symptoms of appendicitis that should alert women:

* Pain.   Initially, the disease can be a pain drawing, pressing, and if we are talking about appendicitis in women is not always the pain is concentrated in the right lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the navel, and even to give to the left or to the ribs. In particular, pain in the upper abdomen and in the ribs feel pregnant women with appendicitis. Particular attention should be paid to their state, if the pain increases, or more pronounced when you laugh, cough and deep inspiration.

*   When a woman tormented by appendicitis nausea and vomiting Which it is most often a single. Pregnant women may appear shortness of breath.

*   When appendicitis the abdomen becomes rigid and tense . In pregnancy, this symptom is often confused with the start or the tone of the uterine contractions.

*   Fervescence

*   Lack of appetite, fatigue, general ill

Time to diagnose appendicitis in women and its elimination will save not only the beauty, to avoid a large scar and do imperceptible cosmetic incision in the abdomen, but sometimes the patient timely diagnosis saves lives! Pay attention to yourself!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya