How to win stomatitis?
 To paraphrase a famous phrase, we can say that the woman all should be fine - and soul, body and health. Smooth skin, thick healthy hair, bright eyes, pouting lips attractive - is not this the dream of every one of us? And while each has resorted to various means to maintain the beauty and health. And yet, sometimes all kinds of sores sneak into our lives! Today I would like to talk about the issue of how uncommon such stomatitis.

How do you know that you stomatitis? The first symptom - the emergence of painful sores in the mouth. This occurs either due to microbes, or because of a traumatic factor. When repeated often disease should definitely pay attention to their diet, because the problem may be rooted in your gastrointestinal tract.

Know the enemy in the face

This is a problem faced by many, and if you have already suffered one disease, it becomes a high risk of its recurrence. The severity diagnosis is that most stomatitis - symptom, another consequence of inflammation, passing in the body. Therefore, it is important to identify the true cause of the problem and overcome it up.

Canker sores can cause:

• improper hygiene and oral dysbiosis;
• infection;
• metabolic disorders;
• gastrointestinal disease;
• vitamin deficiency;
• weak immunity;
• travmochki oral mucosa.

Symptoms that should get your attention:

• The emergence of slack redness;
• swelling of the inflamed areas;
• burning;
• the occurrence of ulcers.

 How to win stomatitis?

If the time realized it, to deal ulcers can not reach. Agree - so much better! Otherwise, sore spots will be hurt badly and stop eating.

Sores usually first small. They can appear on the inner surfaces of the cheeks, lips, and under the tongue. Extensive deep ulcers, sometimes merging into one mean occurrence of stomatitis in a complicated stage.

If the disease progresses, the ulcers can be added to the headache, fever, pain in the mouth, excessive salivation.

To better distinguish between forms of treatment costs stomatitis, and they may be different:

• catarrhal (arise from non-compliance with hygiene observed mucosal edema, excessive salivation, possible bleeding gums, bad);

• Ulcerative (most often occurs in people suffering from stomach ulcers and problems with the cardiovascular system, occurs defeat the entire thickness of the mucosa, the temperature rises, there is a weakness, and headache);

• aphthous (arises as a consequence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions and viral infections characterized by malaise, temperature);

• candidiasis (fungal infection that frequently occurs in children or the elderly under reduced immunity or because of a long receiving potent antibacterial drugs, signs of the disease are a burning sensation, a white plaque, bleeding, loss of taste);

• herpes (it is called herpes simplex virus, there are small bubbles, and mucosal edema, increased salivation, swollen lymph nodes).

 How to win stomatitis?

How to overcome the attack?

At catarrhal form on first professional hygienic cleaning. Then the mucosa should be treated with special rinses. Will recover rinse calendula and chamomile. It is also useful to drink a decoction of rose hips. Ideally, it should pass through days 5-10. If the condition worsens and appears ulcerative or aphthous stomatitis have to add to the local treatment of the total. Herpetic stomatitis implies the need of antiviral therapy.

And do not forget about preventive measures. What she means by itself? Of course, its base - is the correct oral hygiene. No less important is the fact that you eat. Avoid foods that can cause you allergy. Forget that can irritate and injure the mucous. It is salty, spicy, spicy, crunchy. Finally, make sure that you get plenty of vitamins! Its deficiency can cause new attacks, because the disease - relapsing. It is again at a time when your body is weakened.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya