On vacation with the first-aid kit
 Holidays - the most happy and long-awaited time of the year. It was in trips and travels, we get the impression that we then have enough to discuss the whole year.

It was a vacation we make a lot of discoveries about themselves and others, because of the situation we get accustomed to a new country or city. And even if you decide to spend time in a house outside the city, you are still waiting for the mass of new or well-forgotten old. After vacation - this is the most active time in our lives and, of course, in the life of our children.

Increased activity, despite all its advantages, is always associated with increased risk - getting scratches, bruises, solar and other burns. However, do not be afraid - it is something everyday ... It is enough to correctly assemble a first aid kit, and you can not be afraid of nuisance or unpleasant surprises on the way to discoveries, new impressions and new experience.

First aid for wounds

If you hurt a leg or arm or your child broke his knee or elbow, the first thing you should do - is to ensure the victim calm and disinfect their hands, so as not to enter into the wound "extra" infection. It is best suited for this purpose Sterillium Which quickly eliminate germs and protects against infection. Next, clean the wound. Optimally, instead of running to use bottled or filtered water.

In the case of burn first thing that you need to take - to substitute the wound under cold water. Many people neglect this simple and effective regulation, but 10 minutes in cold water will protect you or your child against the spread of burn depth. Do not get involved in the use of alcohol and other alcohol-based antiseptic (iodine, brilliant green). They should only be applied around the wound, but it is not. One should not use oils, ointments, powders, which may cause more pain and impede access to the site of the burn.

Ointment and dressings containing silver against infections

Indispensable tool for any abrasions, burns and similar wounds will be sterile gauze or cloth of non-woven material. They are perfectly dried after washing the wound, and also ideal as a secondary absorbent dressing. To close the wound, it is best to use sterile atraumatic ointment dressings. For example, a bandage Branolind H   It contains Peru balsam, which has antiseptic and wound-healing effect. The bandage on the wound can be kept up to three days. It not only protects the wound from infection development, but also contributes to the speedy healing of it. Change the bandage will not cause you or your child discomfort. Thanks to this feature bandages Branolind H, your child will not be afraid of dressings, because they will be without pain.

If there is a risk of falling into the wound infection (for example, through the dust, sand, mud, etc.), or there is a danger of secondary infection of the wound, it is best to use sterile atraumatic dressing Atrauman Ar   with silver, which has a persistent antibacterial effect (effect lasts up to 7 days). This bandage, thanks to silver ions, protects against harmful bacteria and special impregnation provides a neutral ointment painless dressing changes, so no tears during the holidays!

To speed up the healing process, it is necessary to reliably protect the wound from re-traumatization, and penetrating into the bacteria. But how to do it while preserving the mobility, because life is in full swing, and on holiday abroad even more do not want to sit in a room and "miss everything." Secure the bandage active and continue a self-help bandage Peha-Haft That does not need to tie - only 1, 5 - 2 rounds bandage firmly fix bandage. And thanks to its flexibility, Peha-Haft not limit your activity, and you or your child will be able to continue to have fun in spite of the "battle wounds". And of course bandage bright colors - white, blue and red - will underline your personality and style, and for children ligation transformed into a fun and exciting game.

Cooling bandages against bruises and sprains

Company Paul Hartmann offers another great remedy for sprains and bruises. In such situations, the first thing you need to cool the damaged area, but as the ice can not long keep in injury, and does not always there at hand (especially if you go on a tour or have gone into the forest for berries), his perfect replacement elastic bandage with cooling effect Dermaplast Cool Fix . It does not take much space in your bag, but will be invaluable in an emergency. With this bandage there is no risk of hypothermia, and its effects, which lasts a couple of hours, will help you cope with the injury without any side effects.

Modern means of HARTMANN can help you easily and properly administer first aid and to maintain a good mood during the holidays, no matter what minor troubles.

HARTMANN wish you good health and an unforgettable experience!