Purr therapy - try?
 You have ever had a condition where you suddenly felt devastated, broken and exhausted? When constantly pursue the common cold, when it has no power and is already quite impossible to think of absolutely nothing, except holidays, even if it is at their own expense ...

What to do?

This is fixable! There will be none other, purring as your friend - the most wonderful doctor. If you are the lucky owner of a furry lump, of course, you noticed how it is when you have something hurts, comes to you and goes to the affected area - massaging, rubbing, licking, looking into his eyes, as if hypnotizing. It can help to cope even with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . So who are no cats - urgently backwaters, Holim and cherish!

Thanks! I did not know that cats are so smart ...

"Just think, I still can embroider on a typewriter ... and also ...". Who does not remember those words from Buttermilk? But really, the cat can be a lot!

They - excellent diagnosticians . She immediately finds a disturbing place, pressed against him, warming his warmth, releasing claws, paws touches and makes a nice massage.

Cats have a unique ability to feel that in the human body have a lot of negative energy . When our body was some violation, changing the energy potential of a certain portion thereof. Cats feel it and come to the man, rubbing near the sore spot. At the same time they absorb a certain amount of negative energy. It turns out a mutually beneficial alliance - need to get a cat, and one gives to feel better about themselves. By the way, you notice that cats love to lie on such negative electromagnetic waves radiating devices like televisions, refrigerators, computers?

 Purr therapy - try?

Exposure to cats at us multifaceted. First, when you start to stroke your cat, your central nervous system experiences a wave of fun, uplifting and causes weight positive emotions . Nothing in the world will have a better impact on the nervous system and psyche - and do not need any anti-depressants!

In addition, the cat - it canceled reflexologist Conducting excellent sessions of acupuncture. Yes Yes! Remember how nice it becomes when Purring jumps on your chest and purr pulls you claws.

When stroking a cat fur you are exposed to the effects of electrostatic weak currents, and it is precisely on this built a modern physiotherapy .

In the UK, it conducted an interesting experiment showed that cats help to stabilize pressure . Patients with hypotension and hypertension measure pressure and then brought furry friends. By measuring the pressure in the second time, we found that the pressure returned to normal.

Purr   not only good for the nervous system, but also improve cerebral blood flow and stabilize heart rhythm.

The great thing about koshkoterapii - no contraindications   (excepting, of course, allergies to cats).

Take note That koshkoterapii in the treatment of various diseases is better to use different times:

• Part-time for relieving fatigue.

• Pulmonary disease treat in the interval from 15 to 17.

• Gastrointestinal - from 17 to 19.

• Cardiovascular - from 11 to 12.

 Purr therapy - try?

Where would make a cat?

1. If you suffer from headaches , a pressure parts Download For 5 minutes several times a day lay purring on his neck - get the most pleasant in the world collar.

2. Can you imagine, even cats can help to cope with insomnia ! To do this for 5 minutes a day to perform the following sessions: sit down at the table, close your eyes, keep your pet to the forehead and neck.

3. depression   just play with the cat for at least half an hour a day.

4. Koshkoterapiya perfectly helps with inflammation joints   and treating gynecological diseases . In the latter case, you have to go and sit 30 minutes at a cat to your abdomen.

5. Arrhythmia   Take your cat on his chest.

6. paralysis of limbs   very good massage helps the cat's paws feet and hands of the patient.

7. In diseases liver   Call a cat to sit on your tummy. Well, if she's pobudet minutes 20. It is desirable to repeat this several times a day.

8. Will the cat and chronic bronchitis   - Lovingly held her to his chest! Breathing becomes easier, leave cough.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya