Recipes sweet dreams
 About half of the adult population of the Earth suffer from insomnia - the statistics show. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, obesity, loss of muscle mass, increased risk of heart disease, disorders of psycho-physical state of the body, and many other unpleasant consequences. How to help yourself recover from work and spent in day care?

Insomnia is expressed in partial or absolute lack of sleep. Man can not for a long time to fall asleep or awakening comes much earlier than planned, for a night's rest, the case of long periods of wakefulness, but the result of the above described state becomes a weakness, irritability, inability to concentrate and reduced performance the next day.

Factors contributing to the offensive a lot of insomnia, the most common of them - all sorts of diseases of a general nature (heart, liver, etc.), Psychological problems, stress, use of psychotropic drugs and violation of the usual regime. If the cause of insomnia - any disease, it should treat and a night rest will return if the same problem in another - you can try sonmologov.

Ventilate the room before going to bed

In cool conditions a person falls asleep faster and sleep tight - so made our bodies. The fact is that during sleep the body temperature drops, so the sooner it happens, the greater the chance to be in the arms of Morpheus. The ideal temperature for sleep mode is approximately equal to 3 ° C lower than the day temperature comfortable.

Avoid violations of the usual daily routine

Even if you will be waking up early, go to bed earlier and sleep disorders is not recommended. Tune in to sleep "in advance" of the body is unlikely, but if the desire to go to sleep as soon as possible cause of stress (which is not uncommon), eventually tossed longer than usual time to rest you will be less than if you follow normal.

From the standpoint of the psychology of the situation facing by the fact that during prolonged wakefulness in bed without sleep, our body begins to perceive it more as a place designed for the activity than the rest. Therefore, no matter how many were opened arrows alarm, go to bed only when you really feel this urge.

Determine the need to own a dream

The rule of the notorious eight hours does not indicate a general rule. There are people who for a rest less than five hours, while others - will take at least ten. To understand how many hours you need to snaimenno you during the next holiday experiment, placing himself on vacation a different time. Alternatively, you can do on the weekends. The need to define your own, try to build a daily routine so that it meet.

 Recipes sweet dreams

Moderate evening activity

The only time to visit the gym, pool or other physically active for many of us is a few hours before lights out. But even when you feel tired and completely "exhausted", the brain risks being too excited preceding load. An additional factor impeding early stanetpovysivshayasya falling asleep due to the activity of the body temperature. Therefore, if you move to another evening training is impossible, at the end of its sure to take a cool shower "to cool down".

Forget about sleeping in the "hungry" stomach

Fall asleep at the time when the only desire is to eat something rather difficult. It is better to meet the demands of the body, but it must be done wisely.

List of products that promote sweet dreams include:

- Green leafy vegetables because they contain potassium and magnesium - elements beneficial effect on muscle relaxation.

- Milk drinks, since milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is in the body, "degenerating" serotonin - a hormone regulating sleep.

- Wholegrain bread, because of vitamin B, which reduces the level of stress.

Avoid contact with devaysa

Waking up during the night's rest, followed by an attempt to pass the time for a computer monitor, e-books and other electronic devices - bad idea. The main enemy of the synthesis of melatonin - a second hormone that regulates sleep is light. Instead calm down and relax your brain will process with enthusiasm again this information, bringing all efforts to zero. The ideal way out would be listening to quiet music or monotonous calculations "sheep."

Complete relaxation

One reason is a stress causing insomnia. If that is the case, discipline yourself before going to bed to do the following exercise. Take a comfortable position and try to relax. Turn your attention to the sensations in different parts of your body. Start with the feet and work your way up slowly. If you feel heaviness, stiffness - force of will "liberate" and relax each body part series. If you do not succeed, while listen to the rhythm of your breath and go back to the exercise. In the future, the procedure is complete relaxation will take you less than five minutes.

The peaceful dream - a worthy continuation of the day tired man. Sweet dreams to you!
Author: Natalia Bartukova