Relieves stress!
 Stress and overwork - already quite commonplace in our everyday lives. Breaking inner balance, stress leads to disorganization of the natural forces of the human body.

Stress - the plague of the XXI century. Frantic pace of life and not very favorable ecological conditions not prolong our youth and do not add health. In addition, tensions in the work community, continuous operation mode of the deadline can unsettle even the most healthy person. When stress becomes chronic, and developed certain mental symptoms, it becomes clear that something needs to be done. However, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted! To deal with everyday stress can and should be! Now we developed a lot of variety of programs to deal with stress: from the public to the exotic. Here are some effective, affordable and time-tested advice of experts.

Gymnastics for the person

Our chin - it is one of the most vulnerable to stress areas, particularly in those cases where we grits his teeth and bites his tongue to hide their feelings. Even in my dreams sometimes grits his teeth so that he woke up in the morning, you can feel the pain in the cheekbones. The quickest way to relax - it is lightly press the tongue against the upper palate and hold it in this position, count to five. Should repeat this exercise several times. Then grope fingertips jaw joints, which are located next to the earlobes. Very carefully press them slightly open mouth, counting to thirty, move your chin up and down and from side to side. And finally, his mouth wide open, try to "stare" eyes and as far as possible stick out your tongue. Being in this position, count to twelve.


Write down everything you have experienced during the day; Analyze what you do or cause a feeling of comfort. Writing down your feelings, you are better aware of them, because usually we are able to do it badly. So it will be easier to avoid stressful situations in the future.

Yoga comes to the rescue

Proper breathing - you can tell, the foundation of yoga .  The doctrine of correct breathing sharpened for not one hundred years, has not yet reached perfection .  However, we, ordinary people, it always seems that we are able to breathe - after all, we do it every day throughout his life .  But most of us breathe superficially resulting may be feeling of uncertainty and anxiety, and an inability to concentrate or gather .  If you learn how to switch to a deep, rhythmic breathing - at first for a few minutes a day, and for as long as is breathing a habit - that will almost certainly feel that it will be easier to cope with stressful situations .  Breathing exercises will help to deal with any situation that causes anxiety or tension .  From the point of view of physiology proper breathing energizes you, and even restores power .  When we relax, our breathing becomes deeper and more rare .  But this relationship works in the opposite direction . 

Breathing exercises

  - Lie on the floor - on his back, arms spread slightly. The palms should be turned up, his legs relaxed and slightly apart. You can do this exercise and sitting on a chair. In this case, your feet are on the floor, shoulders and abdomen relaxed.

- Put hands on the lower abdomen. Feel your abdominal muscles are stretched during inspiration and reduced during expiration. In this position, made seven breaths.

- Now put your hands on the lower ribs on the side. Relax your elbows and shoulders, so you can feel the volume of the chest. You will visit the sense of "openness." Feel your fingers up and down in time with the movements of the chest. In this position also made seven breaths.

- Touch your fingertips collarbone. Feel like during inhalation apart collarbone and shoulders unfold.

Aromatherapy from stress

Daily stress can be removed also with the help of aromatherapy. For example, the oils of angelica, chamomile, lavender, melissa, neroli, rose or rosemary. If you are in a stressful situation, drip a little oil in the aroma lamp.

Cope helps with irritability scent of anise, ylang ylang, cypress, frankincense, lemon, marjoram, mandarin, myrrh, nutmeg. At excessive irritability worth a try or benzo storax. Will and the sweet smell of honey. These scents relieve stress.
Author: Inna Sedykh