Restart during pregnancy
 Pregnancy ... How much joy in this word! However, once in the head and there is a lot of questions: What will be my next life? It too will have to change their way of life and mode? And what exactly should be changed, and what - you can leave?

However, pregnancy - is not a disease, but because about a permanent vacation, "tunately" themselves and "doing nothing" can be forgotten! But what should not be forgotten, and in what areas of life you need to reboot and acquire healthy habits for the next nine months - Find out here and now.

Habit № 1. The use of wholesome food

God Himself told pregnant women to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables, drink fresh juices! They are well saturated (only need to eat often, but small portions) and replenish vitamins - like mother and unborn baby.

 Restart during pregnancy

Habit № 2. Hiking outdoors

The benefits of daily walking and hiking obvious (and to the health of any person, not just pregnant!). Your body is sated with oxygen, and thus returns to normal metabolism, improves the complexion, mood and health in general. But for this, of course, need not walk on the gassy streets and in the park. If that is not present near the house, at least, choose a place away from the roadway. With regard to time constraints, the doctors advise to your summer trip is at least 3 hours (a few times), and in the winter - not less than 1, 5.

 Restart during pregnancy

Habit № 3. Sport has not been canceled!

As already mentioned, pregnancy - is not a disease, but because physical activity must be present in the life of every pregnant woman. Of course, from the very active sports should be avoided: not allowed to roller skate, ice skating, snowboarding and skiing, biking, jogging, aerobics with jumps, belly dancing. Because of the great trauma should be excluded, and playing sports - football, volleyball, basketball, golf, badminton and tennis. "What, then, can be engaged, because the list of banned sports load is so great ?! "- Perhaps someone will exclaim. Please: at your disposal Pilates, yoga, swimming or gymnastics - but under the supervision of an experienced instructor. If the stomach is not visible - be sure to inform the instructor about the "interesting situation"! And, of course, choosing any of the authorized sports, be sure to consult with your doctor.

 Restart during pregnancy

Habit № 4. Careful hygiene

Pregnant women taking a shower is possible and even necessary - at least 2 times a day. Particular attention should be paid to clean genital mutilation - should wash twice a day with warm water and soap, strictly from front to back. Make it a rule: during pregnancy, it is not necessary to wash shower - jet should not be directed to the genitals, it is possible to enjoy a cup or scoop the water by hand.

 Restart during pregnancy

Habit № 5. Avoid high temperatures

The Sun - our friend, but not now. Pregnant women best not to be in the sun. If you need to leave the house, it is best to make your trip came up to 12 days or after 16.00. At the time of pregnancy will have to temporarily stop sunbathing and visit a solarium. In addition, you should avoid and stuffy room, not to mention the baths and saunas.

 Restart during pregnancy

Habit № 6. Proper use of computer

Today imagine life without a computer is difficult. However, everywhere constantly hear advice that pregnant women should limit the "dialogue" with the other. In order to minimize its negative impact, take note of the following:

• It is better to use a laptop / netbook than a desktop computer;

• If this is not possible, then a good choice would be the LCD monitor instead of the usual;

• Make it a rule to do 10-15 minute break after each hour of computer work. During this time, is to reach out, stretch your legs, walk a bit, but do not sit on the ground;

• Make sure that the monitor was not less than 0, 5 m from you.

Agree - these new habits is not difficult, and some of them will be useful to you in everyday life and after birth. Good luck!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya