Sleep Masks: useful accessory or a waste of money?
 Who among us has not seen scenes from foreign films where the heroine use during sleep special masks for the eyes? Many think it's just a whim or a fetish. Incidentally, such an accessory is able to qualitatively improve our night's rest, which is bound to affect our beauty and disability. But all you need this attribute? Let's face it.

What is this thing

The mask for sleep is a practical accessory in the form of fabric impermeable bandage is worn on the eye area. Qualitative models are developed taking into account the physiological structure of the human face and its inner surface is made of a delicate and soft tissues. The combination of these qualities makes attribute for sleep is not only useful, but also pleasant to use. Especially for those who even during the rest prefer to stay Sweet Home Alabama, manufacturers offer models of all sorts of colors, shades and shapes, made of different fabrics and decorated with prints, sequins and embroidery.

 Sleep Masks: useful accessory or a waste of money?

The masks are good for sleep

The main purpose of this is not necessarily the night, things - to provide quality sleep and pleasant darkness wherever and whenever you want. That is why the mask for sleep convenient to use when:

• a place where you choose to relax, enough obscured;

• you are traveling and have to sleep in unusual and uncomfortable conditions. For example, in a train, plane, car;

• There is a need to restore their strength with the help of sleep in the daytime;

• next to your berth is included TV or computer that is needed by your members of the household, and you want to relax;

• eye strain (long work at the computer, prolonged physical activity, etc.) require a vacation.

It turns out that the mask for sleep - the indispensable attribute that will immerse themselves in a strong and deep sleep, even if outside the sun shines brightly. But does the fact that we need to attend to immediately purchase this accessory?

 Sleep Masks: useful accessory or a waste of money?

What are worth to think before you buy

Before we get money from her purse, strongly advise you to think about the feasibility of buying and weigh three elements: the need for quality and price of the product. Many sellers try to splurge, attributing its vital product characteristics such as electromagnetic radiation or mineral ions, which in fact are merely advertising course. Accordingly, the price for this "miracle" product is quite high.

 Sleep Masks: useful accessory or a waste of money?

Do not be fooled about the modest cost and mask for sleep, even if it is sold in a pharmacy, most often, and the material from which made the accessory, it "wearability" and convenience you disappoint. You should not go on about the design and accessories that you will be asked to shell out a tidy sum for her name and unusual design. Remember that above all purpose of the mask lies in its title, and it is designed to create the conditions for your long and comfortable sleep, so the issue price of high-quality products is in the range from 200 to 1000 rubles. An alternative way - to make a face mask on their own, the benefit of the special skills of its production requires.

 Sleep Masks: useful accessory or a waste of money?

To be or not to be similar attributes to rest in your life - especially individual case. But if you are having some problems with sleep, it is worth a try in a bandage for the eyes. Who knows, maybe it is in it it lies your future energy, beauty and ability to work, and not in the preparations of pharmacy jars.

 Sleep Masks: useful accessory or a waste of money?

Author: Anna Hodchenkova