Spring-cleaning. Part 2: Cleansing the body
 Part One - clean brains.

Since we are talking about spring cleaning, look at the following "wardrobe" - our own body. Scary? No wonder, because if you remember, how and what we eat, what we breathe air, - goose bumps run. But we are not going to talk about the dangers of certain foods and the environment. We'll talk about the correct cleansing of the body.

Maybe this sounds corny, but cleansing - an indispensable guarantee of health and most important rule of any updates. It will not become you to make repairs in the house, unable to endure all the furniture out of it? And hardly anyone would think to paint the car without clearing it from peeling old paint.

Of course, the body - not a room and not a machine, but the principle of "clear, then update" applies to all.

Before we start talking about what should be done, be clear at once what should not. Do not try to clean the body chemical. laxative or diuretic drugs action. It is not necessary to grasp at an enema in the hope "to cope in bystrenkomu." It is not necessary to buy all the herbs in the pharmacy in a row.

Now, the basic rules of cleansing the body without negative consequences

Rule one:   pass a medical examination. You need to know exactly what the problem areas of your body, and possible contraindications to some actions of cleansing.

Rule two:   Treat yourself carefully. Not "vydraivayte" your body like an old pot - Cleanser gently contact with them as road crystal vase.

Rule three:   please be patient. Do not expect to cleanse the body of the weekend - the rate of cleansing usually takes 5 weeks.

Gastrointestinal tract
Now just about purifying. First we get rid of "deposits" in the digestive system, we deduce from it slag and toxins, and restores the normal functioning of the system and the normal microflora.

The best cleaning property has kelp - seaweed. The fibers are not digested by the human body. Passing through the digestive tract, they are thoroughly and safely clean the intestinal walls from deposits. In addition, kelp is rich in iodine in an easily digestible form, so it not only cleans the body, but also enriches it so rare for most latitudes substance. Kelp is also known that has the ability to rid the body of heavy metals and has a unique immune-boosting properties.

To help kelp useful to use milk thistle - is absolutely harmless, but at the same time unique in its composition grass. Milk is indispensable in diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines and even the skin due to its content of nearly 200 biochemical components.

 Spring-cleaning. Part 2: Cleansing the body
   What other herbs should be part of the complex for an intense but gentle cleansing of the digestive system? It plantain, St. John's wort, shrubby herb tea, mother and stepmother, Russian thistle, caraway. All these herbs are not only the solution and withdraw from the body "overstayers guests", but also enrich it the most valuable microelements, preventing the emergence of new deposits, reducing the intestinal wall and its microflora and restore the normal functioning of the liver.

When we talk about cleansing the body, almost always have in mind only the gastrointestinal tract. But the rest of the organs and systems of the body are affected or slightly less.

They represent a kind of water filtration system. And when the body of harmful substances in the kidneys, in a water filter installed on your kitchen, deposits form, ie, those kidney stones and sand. As a result, not only reduces the efficiency of the kidney, but also their destruction occurs. It falls first to the kidneys and the brunt of infections, toxins and other harmful influences.

What components should be included in the composition to cleanse the kidneys? Primarily, it is a green tea. Green tea contains many valuable for organism vitamins (D, E, K, B1, B2, PP, B6, B3, B12, C, D), minerals (calcium, phosphorous, iron, fluorine, iodine, magnesium, manganese, zinc selenium), and many others. It increases blood flow to the kidneys and urine output. With a powerful diuretic, green tea literally flushes the kidneys, washing away toxic deposits.

On the green tea in a hurry: the seeds of cardamom and fennel and herb golden rod. All these natural components are simply purified kidney, but also normalize salt exchange body, all contribute to the normalization of the genitourinary system.

Speaking about the deposition of salts in the body, can not be said about this process, proiskhoyaschem in the tissues of the joints. To cleanse the tissues of joints and prevention of violations in their work, using the root of the marsh cinquefoil, thyme leaves and cranberries, which have brewed our grandmothers, has protected the joints of rheumatism, gout and sciatica.

 Spring-cleaning. Part 2: Cleansing the body
We all know how devastating is an excess of bile in the human soul. But pay attention to it only when this bile is poured on others. Now imagine doing that with our physiological bile by the liver in the case of stagnation. There are already suffering is not our self-esteem and mental balance, and slowly die our bodies.

The liver - the body-workaholic. The liver is working day and night over the body cleansing, removes it from all the toxins and pollutants that we are in him "nazhevavshis", "filled" and "breathe". The liver performs complex tasks such as synthesis of protein and vitamins, regulation of energy processes and participates in the work of the digestive system. Let us once again to talk about the detrimental effects of alcohol on the liver, fatty, fried, spicy and savory dishes, all kinds of infections - does not know that the baby does. Let's talk about the cleansing of the liver.

Regular, proper cleaning prevents stagnation of bile, removes the decay products and promotes cell regeneration of the liver. Complete cleansing of the liver, pancreas, and system zhelchevyvedeniya normalizes work of these organs, helps prevent diseases, improve the quality of skin, finally.

What herbs are used for a proper, comprehensive and careful cleansing the liver? This, again, green tea, and a combination of herbs thoroughwax, Helichrysum flowers and anise seeds, contributes to liquefaction of bile and increase its secretion, excretion of cholesterol and enhances the gallbladder. A reception in the morning on an empty stomach thistle infusion relieves liver toxicity, protects and restores its cells has a healing effect and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

 Spring-cleaning. Part 2: Cleansing the body
The reason for the regular cleansing of the body is considered to be only a poor diet. However, the air we breathe in the street, at work and even at home, contains many toxic substances that our lungs are no longer able to cope with them. As a result, the air filter is clogged our body toxic bloom.

Probably, all moms are aware of the healing properties of licorice in treating children's cough. But how many of us know that this is one of the oldest drugs having immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic effect. To effectively cleanse the lungs, coupled with the licorice root is used allspice, dried tangerine peel and cloves, which purify the lungs from dust and tar, protect and regenerate tissue after diseases of the respiratory tract.

But we should not delude ourselves only that the mere use of medicinal infusions and decoctions cause our bodies to play as a good orchestra. If you do not get rid of the addiction to unhealthy food habits have anywhere and anyhow, do not bother even elementary physical activity - all efforts will turn into a useless waste of time, effort and money.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova