Squared his shoulders and straighten your back
 Unfortunately, in our time, many poor posture. The causes are many. This is a child wearing heavy briefcases and school bags, tables and uncomfortable, and poor vision, forcing slouch. Gorby and diffident, shy people. Someone shy of his growth, someone just wants to be less noticeable.

The habit of many women to go for a long time in high heels shortens the calf muscles and tendons, and the result is a bulge back.

And, at the same time, stoop, according to scientists, 15 times increases the load on each support joint.

When the diaphragm stoop as if flattened, leaving less space for the expansion of the lungs. And as a consequence - shallow breathing does not provide the body with the necessary volume of oxygen to him. It has a bad effect on the health and beauty.

Slouching people look fatter and older.

Experts say that the correct posture is never too late, but the sooner people will be engaged in this, the better.

Standing need to be straightened to his full height. If you have to stand for long, the experts advise to change position frequently, put one foot on an object height of about 20 cm.

Sitting in the workplace, have legs so that your knees are above hips. Keep your head straight, without tilting to one shoulder. Desirable such chairs on which to sit up straight.

It is also recommended to get up every half hour and walk a few minutes.

If this is not possible because of the circumstances, it is necessary to change the bowl posture, tense and relax the muscles.

The seat should be installed in the car so it was not necessary to reach the gas pedal.

If you need to move closer, in order to maintain the back in the lumbar region can be put a pillow.

When you have to look down, you need to keep your head just above the neck, not sveshivaya it forward.

Do not carry bags and briefcases in one hand.

Fans wearing the bag over his shoulder, experts advise wearing them diagonally to the opposite hip.

For proper posture is important and right to bed. Sleep better on a bed of medium hardness, low pillow or special roller.

Considerable importance is and shoes. Best Shoes for figure - mild with a round nose, a broad heel height of 3-5 cm. The studs should be left only for the holiday release. Constant wearing of pins leads to foot deformities, curvature of the spine, and even to shift the internal organs.

And the best means for straightening posture are physical exercises strengthen all parts of the body and especially the abdominal muscles.

 Squared his shoulders and straighten your back

Ideally, you should go to the gym and do fitness under the guidance of a coach. But not everyone has the opportunity, so you can deal with by yourself at home. A set of exercises can be found in magazines and on the Internet.

Some of the most accessible exercise:

1.   Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Connect your fingers behind your back and pull your hands as far back head with the slightly raised up.

2.   The starting position is the same. Take a stick. Crouch, while straightening your arms in front at chest level. Hands do not bend.

3.   Sit on a chair with a stick in his hands. Tipping body, arching back - the left and right.

4.   Lie on your back, arms along the body, lift the straight legs up as high as work, and keep the raised first thirty seconds, then 1 minute, and then bring up to 5 minutes.

5.   Lie on your back, hands behind his head or along the body. And lift alternately one or the other leg.

Good results and give those terrific exercise as "scissors" and "bicycle".

Whenever possible - sitting, standing, walking, it is advisable to strain and relax the abdominal muscles. A month later, regular exercise is already noticeable the first positive results.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva