Sunshine vitamin: time to receive and store
 Summer is the most favorable season for the replenishment of vitamin D in the body, for good reason, this vitamin is called "sun." The most natural, simple and safe way to obtain this vitamin - sunbathing, morning walks in moderately nude in an open area, well, and when to do it, but in the summer?

Honourable ode "sunshine vitamin"
Vitamin D was discovered in the 20-30s of the last century, and already the first studies have shown that it is precisely the lack of this vitamin in the child's body linked diseases such as rickets, curvature of bones and spinal deformity. Now known a group of vitamin D - D1, D2, D3, and so on. D. The most important of them - D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol), they are very similar in their properties and effects on the body, and is most often combined one common name - calciferol or vitamin D.

Maybe someone has a question, and should we, adults, to give a value of "child" vitamin, because the formation of bone is long gone, rickets, we have not threatened .  It turns out that vitamin D is not so simple, and its physiological role is not only in the regulation of metabolism in the body of calcium and phosphorus, which is especially important for the growing organism .  Vitamin D depends on intestinal permeability and other minerals (zinc, iron, cobalt, magnesium) .  It is indispensable in the fight against violations of the immune system and fight infection, help the smooth operation of the heart, regulate the nervous system .  Vitamin D is needed for normal blood clotting, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, is important for thyroid function and normal blood clotting, helps get rid of many diseases of the eye .  In women who have sufficient levels of vitamin D in their blood are less common benign and malignant tumors of breast and ovarian cancer . 

So vitamin D is necessary for all, and always - and in his childhood, and blooming youth, and at the age of elegance, and at sunset years. As soon as we stop to take care of the supply of the organism in this vitamin, piling problems ranging from aches in the bones, pain, and ending with fractures, depression, memory impairment, problems with blood pressure, and who knows what else can happen, if we neglect sunshine vitamin.

And the way it enters the body is simple:
- Outside with food and drugs,
- And the development of the body exposed to the sun. While the sun in the body is formed about 90% of vitamin D, while the food it receives about 10%.

What else is important to note, vitamin D is a fat-soluble, it is not washed out of the body with the liquid, but rather slowly excreted in the bile, so it can be stored in reserve a certain amount of inactive vitamin D in the liver for several months.

 Sunshine vitamin: time to receive and store
 As in the skin forms vitamin D, or some of the nuances of sunbathing ...
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun - the main source of vitamin D in the body. Under the sunlight at the surface of the skin covered by a thin layer holesterinopodobnogo substance ergosterol and sweat formed vitamin D, which is then absorbed by the skin, it enters the bloodstream and eventually enters the liver, where it is then, during the metabolism begins its transformation into the active form. Moreover, part of the inactive vitamin D is deposited in special reserve reticulocytes liver cells that maintains the body's required level of its active form within a few months. The liver is the process of turning it into a passive calciferol active hormone calcitriol begins and ends in the kidneys, and it is from here that the hormone is sent to carry out their important mission, controlling the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the body.

Fortunately, our body can store vitamin D, so it is very important that during the summer he developed a skin in an amount sufficient for the rest of the year.

When sunbathing in order to replenish stocks of vitamin D   (and not for chocolate tan) should take into account some special features:

- "Solar" vitamin forms under the influence of ultraviolet rays on the skin fat, located on the surface of the skin, so do not rinse it before sunbathing;

- Just not in a hurry to take water treatment immediately after sunbathing, give time to absorb the vitamin into the skin;

- Sunscreens protect us from ultraviolet radiation and at the same time, block the ability of the skin to produce vitamin D. The sun bath without sunscreen   for 15-20 minutes in the morning and in the evening, several times a week, according to experts, is able to provide the necessary synthesis of vitamin D;

- Activity of the synthesis process is directly dependent on the intensity of exposure and the reverse - the degree of skin pigmentation, that is, the more you tan, the lower the skin's ability to produce vitamin D.

It should also be noted that the skin is able to efficiently produce vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet rays in a clean atmosphere, so that a walk through the streets, over which hangs a haze of dust and exhaust gases is not likely to promote health and accumulation of vitamin.

 Sunshine vitamin: time to receive and store
 Give a chance to the sun!
And what happens? If we follow the recommendations of dermatologists, oncologists do not appear outdoors without sunscreen and appropriate clothing, we are saving yourself from sunburn, dermatitis, photo-aging, cancers and at the same time deprive your body so we need vitamin D. If Our skin is covered with chocolate tan and burns it are not terrible, we did not use sunscreen so severely - and in the way of synthesis of vitamin D have our own stands tan.

Let's try to find a reasonable compromise. Especially as tan itself in recent years is not so prestigious factor. Thanks to numerous publications warning, excessive tanning in nowadays is no longer perceived as a sign of a healthy lifestyle and social status of its owner, but rather as a sign of ignorance or a frivolous attitude to their own health.

So, our choice - a short sunbathing without protection in the safest time of day (morning, evening), the rest of the desired degree of sunscreen protection, skin care and nutrition.

Alternative methods
The second route of vitamin D in our body - the food. The main sources - raw egg yolk, dairy products, cheese, butter, liver, fish (especially cod and halibut), fatty saltwater fish (herring, mackerel, tuna, mackerel). There are vegetable sources of vitamin D - parsley, nettles, mushrooms, alfalfa, horsetail - though its contents are very low.

 Sunshine vitamin: time to receive and store

The daily requirement for vitamin enters the body with food, about 200 international units / ME /, is if you are on a daily basis is outdoors under the sunlight for 30 minutes. If sunbathing is not for you, then the rate increases to 1,000 IU.

Based on 100 g:
- In the liver of animal 50 ME contains vitamin
- Egg yolk - 25 ME,
- In beef -13 ME,
- In corn oil - 9 ME,
- In butter - 35 ME,
- In cow's milk - from 0 to 3 4 ME 100 ml.

As you can see, even with a full diet the body's need for vitamin difficult to fully meet the expense of food. The combination of sunlight and the right choice of menu - the most reliable way to solve the problem.

You can also diversify your diet products, further enriched with vitamin D, it's - milk, yogurt, cereals, biscuits, bread. It is only important to consider that vitamin D is recommended to be taken with calcium, since its main function - to promote the absorption of calcium by the body to regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism. If dietary calcium is not supplied, it is taken from the bones, and this is a direct way to the development of osteoporosis. Therefore, milk is enriched with vitamin D, it can be considered useful enriched bread.

Well, in the cold season, or when the sun is contraindicated you - replenish vitamin D is necessary with the help of vitamin preparations. When deciding on the use of vitamin supplements, consult your doctor. Do not take vitamin D in more than necessary amount of the excess is also dangerous as a disadvantage.

For now reigns summer, the sun shines, to think about the medicines early, spend more time outdoors, catch the "sunshine vitamin" all the naked parts of the body, but do not forget about safety rules.
Author: Olga Travleeva