Superheroes - superbinty!
 Your child loves to play James Bond and Spider-Man? But the children - this is the most real heroes, because they fearlessly climb fences and trees, protect the kittens from threatening dogs, fearlessly climb on the bike, even the very first time. And, of course, superheroes need superfunds that will quickly cure "battle wounds" and continue to defend the planet from evil-doers.

Superfiksatsiya from Peha-Haft - bright and reliable

Alas, put a bandage on a wound or abrasion is not sufficient for safe and rapid healing. Children are difficult to keep in place, making the whole day to read or draw. Agility causes that the bandage of gauze bandages children constantly slipping and untied. This may not only prolong the healing, but also threatens to hit the infection.

To secure the bandage in children you can not do without a self-bandage Peha-Haft. The special structure of the fabric with the double effect of coupling and micropitting impregnated adhesive allows you to do to fix this one tool and at times increase the strength of the dressing. Simply press the end of the bandage - and every band is securely locked. Strong hold, however, does not mean that the movement will be constrained. On the contrary - elastic bandage Peha-Haft fully preserves joint mobility. And while you can be sure that the bandage will not slide and do not stretch, so it will stay much longer than usual.

It should be noted that the bandage is very economical to use, which is also important. It is enough to perform a half to two turns, and any dressing is securely locked.

An additional advantage of the bandage, which will certainly appreciate your superhero or superheroine, - it is not only white but also blue and red. The bandage, bandage fixed so - is not only a fun decoration, but also reduced soiled, thus avoiding changing bandages because bandages dirty.

Unique Bandage against edema

As is known, in the case of sprains and dislocations formed swelling, which is necessary to get rid of as quickly as possible to restore impaired function. To activate blood circulation and lymph flow is the best fit elastic compression bandage Pyutterbint. Consisting of 100% cotton, it hypoallergenic and breathable. You will be surprised, but the bandage can be washed and ironed, and then re-used!

Even more innovative product is an elastic bandage with a cooling effect DermaPlast CoolFix. The cooling effect of the bandage takes up to two hours, and thus its use is not facing hypothermia as is the case with ice.

These unique bandages irreplaceable both at home and while traveling, outings, sports competitions and, in general, always and everywhere.

Idealast Color cohesion - for a stable band

Idealast Color cohesion (Idealast color cohesive) - is cohesive (ie, a self-) breathable elastic bandage with two-way coupling effect, which allows you to maintain the stability of the dressing. Idealast can be used for heavy-duty fixing bandages of all kinds. Without it does not do well when there is a need for a compression bandage on the wound, to fix the tire. It maintains its properties for a long time, easy to use, does not give radiation, and does not stick to the skin and hair (and painlessly removed without a trace). If necessary it can be sterilized.

This is a very aesthetic bandage, who also happens to blue and red colors.

As we see, Hartmann has everything you need for superheroes and their superbitv superpobed. That means James Bond himself would envy!