Teeth - pearls lips - coral ...
 Great smile, opening white teeth - every woman's dream, because it is half the beauty of a woman's face! Which means beautiful smile? Well, firstly, it is, of course, sincere smile. But secondly, and thirdly - the beauty of a smile depends on the condition and appearance of the teeth and the lips.

The shape, tooth color, uniformity of dentition - all these parameters are highly individual. Alas, we can not always boast of the beauty and health of teeth, given to us by nature. In this case, come to the aid of professional dental specialists - they can restore the teeth, build, align, correct bite, bleach, eventually glued veneers, when dealing with the aesthetics of the front teeth really bad. And our share remains meticulous care.

Dental care - toothpaste, brush, thread, etc.
The most important is our helper for the care of teeth - brush tool ! Offer toothbrushes on the market for personal hygiene products is enormous - from the most simple (three rows of bristles on the head and the handle) to the clever (bristles at an angle and of varying lengths, etc.). There are electric toothbrushes, and there are brushes (for example, PRESIDENT), in which the base surface of the cleaning head is covered with gold or silver.

But with all this abundance to choose the ideal brush for yourself is not so simple. First, it should fit you stiffness, and depending on this parameter brushes are: rigid (hard or firm), medium hardness (medium), soft (soft), very soft (extra soft).

 Teeth - pearls lips - coral ...
   Too hard toothbrush even with gentle application can injure gum and dental hard tissues (enamel and dentin erase). Too soft brush may not be well enough to clean the surface of the tooth and interdental spaces, which is fraught with the development of caries and the formation of pigmented spots on the teeth. If you are okay with the condition of the tooth enamel, and no periodontal disease, the brush of medium hardness with flexible schёtinkami - the most reasonable choice.

Equally important is a flexible connection handle and the head of the toothbrush, the compound to optimize cleaning and massaging properties of brush due to the natural pressure of the bristles on the surface to be cleaned. Deserved popular toothbrushes Reach (products of the company Johnson & Johnson), Colgate, Oral-B.

 Teeth - pearls lips - coral ...
 Toothbrush we used to use a toothpaste . And her choice of paying a large enough value. Typically, the paste contains a variety of anti-microbial, deodorizing, bleaching, medical and other additives. Task paste - cleanse, freshen the mouth, to make teeth cleaning a pleasant, well and at the same time, treat gums, as far as possible to prevent occurrence of cavities, to whiten your teeth.

The most popular today are the fluorinated toothpaste. The fact that the fluorine involved in building a solid foundation of the teeth and bone tissue. With the shortage of fluorine (and we get mostly water) are possible disturbances in the structure of the teeth (caries), so that the fluorinated toothpastes - very simple and affordable way for the prevention of caries.

It is true there is a perception that these pastes, with one hand to keep your teeth, cause harm to the body in other areas of life. Fluorine is deposited in the body not only in the teeth, but in the bone tissue. Initially, bone stronger, but then comes the remineralization (fluoro "attracts" other minerals), there is an excess of minerals in the bones, with a lack of organic compounds. The bones become extremely fragile. How significant effect of fluoride toothpaste on the development of this destructive process is unclear. In the scientific world there are disputes, but dentists are strongly advised not to exceed the rate of extruded onto the brush paste. Portion of toothpaste the size of a pea - enough for high-quality tooth cleaning and safe.

And in order not to cause habituation of the organism to the same components of toothpastes, it is better to change them periodically (several times over the years).

 Teeth - pearls lips - coral ...
 Toothbrush with paste are the most popular, but not the only tool to maintain cleanliness of the teeth. Dental floss (floss)   - Another powerful tool of modern oral hygiene. What is the essence? Specially twisted yarn impregnated with an antibacterial compound, passes between the teeth, sawing motion removing the sticky plaque and removing food particles in the interdental spaces, cleaning and disinfecting teeth.

In place of the usual wooden toothpick comes flosstik   - A convenient, disposable plastic toothpick with a thread, with the sharp tip - a stimulant of the gums

Chew gum - but is it worth?
Chewing gum can also be considered as an additional means of oral hygiene, brushing your teeth but does not replace it. Chew it can only be after a meal for 5-10 minutes. The gum base - substance of rubber, synthetic resin plus additives - a resin of conifers or juice sapodilla tree, as well as sweeteners, flavors, colorants, preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers. As sweeteners typically used maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol, aspartame. Sorbitol is often produced from grapes, apples, mountain ash, xylitol - from corn stalks and husks of cotton seeds. As they are almost equal caloric regular sugar.

As for aspartame, this supplement is often ambiguous attitude. More recently aspartame accused of many sins - depression of the nervous system, the risk of developing cancer, the risk of premature birth. But recent studies have shown that these assumptions are incorrect. The European Office for Food Safety has recognized the artificial sweetener aspartame (E951) safe for humans. And given the fact that aspartame is approximately 160-200 times sweeter than sugar, and to create a sweet taste requires just a small amount of aspartame, its effect on health is minimal.

The color of teeth is determined by the pigment contained therein. Rarely one this color is dazzling white, as if still take into account the fact that tooth enamel is permeable to many dyes, which are contained in red wine, coffee, chocolate, blueberries, beets, dark grapes, "color" of soda, etc. ., the issue of teeth whitening is always relevant. Another factor aggravating the problem - smoking. Together with tobacco smoke to the surface of tooth enamel fall nicotine resin adhere to enamel and stained its yellowness

Guaranteed results in all cases provides professional bleaching in a dental office, and the easiest way - the use of whitening toothpastes. However, the constant use of whitening toothpastes, especially if bleaching is carried out at the expense of coarse abrasives, can negatively affect your teeth. Fortunately now these "harmful" toothpastes on the market almost gone. The most safe and effective whitening toothpastes, many experts believe the firm pasta Rembrandt.

 Teeth - pearls lips - coral ...
 You can also mention as a home remedy, Colgate Simply White - whitening gel that is applied with a brush on the teeth hardens and gradually washed away by saliva. Overall, the result is noticeable after a course of 12 sessions, but not as pronounced as in the professional whitening.

There is also another way to whiten teeth at home, so-called - "night" whitening. It can carry out themselves, but with the assistance of a dentist. At first the doctor casts of your jaw makes plastic cases (caps). These "caps" you already own fill special whitening solution and wear on the teeth, especially at night.

  The beauty of the lips, as a necessary condition irresistible smile
The shape, volume, color, condition of the skin of the lips - everything counts. And if the shape, color and to some extent the amount of, at least, we can "draw", then at least a skin condition (if there is no health problems) depends only on the proper care!

That the skin of the lips were beautiful and tender it is necessary to moisturize, nourish, do gentle massage and peeling, indulge masks to protect against adverse environmental conditions.

The most frequent trouble with the lips - dryness, peeling, cracks. The reason may be banal dehydration, lack of vitamins A and E, or vice versa, excess vitamin A. Cracks and irritation in the corners of the lips often occur when a lack of vitamin B.

Quite often there is irritation from the improper use of toothpaste, especially fluorinated toothpastes. Persistent lipstick can also cause dehydration of the lips, especially if you use them every day and keep on the lips for a long time.

Today there are many salves and creams for the lips, and of course, we should not forget the natural means. Warm compresses of olive oil - one of the best ways to fight for beautiful lips.

Several improve the shape of the lips, give them volume can be special exercises - to find a suitable set of work will not make. And if you have enough zeal and perseverance every day, for several months, twice a day to perform the exercises recommended in the right amount, you can expect a positive result, although of course, it is unlikely changes will be dramatic,

So, in the morning - a massage with a soft toothbrush, then a little balm on the lips, in the evening - a moisturizing balm or cream, mask and periodically compresses, gymnastics for lips and your lips will always look great! And if we add to it the shining health and beauty teeth, the smile will definitely irresistible!
Author: Olga Travleeva