The biological age of the person
 The modern generation is much worse health than their predecessors. Therefore, to learn the biological age of the person you want to add to his real age 15 years. This opinion was recently expressed the scientists. What is the biological age? Did he really shows the real condition of the body?

About Biological age

Biological age - is the degree of deterioration of the human body in relation to the conditions in which he lives. Up to 28 years, people are developing, and later they begin to accumulate the negative consequences of their life, which affects the cells of all organs and systems. The older the person, the worse its health indicators.

  On the biological age is influenced by such negative factors: social problems, stress, depression, self-doubt, ecology, poor diet, bad habits, etc. For example, pay attention to the skin smoking woman. The skin becomes thinner than the one that does not smoke, and covered with fine wrinkles. Skin aging is caused by metabolic disorders and the accumulation of toxins. And this is a sign of increasing biological age.

  But the most important factor is the age of the individual amounts of energy in the cells of the organism responsible for this mitochondrial - special education, which accumulate the required amount of energy. If they are "charged" is not enough, the person ages. In our time, there is deterioration in the functioning of mitochondria. But from the point of view of medicine, to restore the energy of the mitochondria is very easy - with the help of exercise. Motor activity - is the first step to health.

  Currently, scientists are studying a variety of psychological and social factors that affect the life expectancy of men and women. Gerontologists believe that women age by an average of 6-8 years later than men. The secret is that she is as gentle creature, is happy, even the little things and happy of what is loved. She needs affection and tenderness; on the contrary, a man tries to seek pleasure in the work, without it, he does not feel like a complete (but it also needs affection, though not as much as a woman).

 The biological age of the person

The test for determining the biological age

Calculate your biological age can own, it needs to pass the proposed test.

1. Measure the distance from the eyes to the book, where you can read it. Record result: 10 centimeters - is 21 years old, 14 cm - 35 years, 1 meter - 60 years.

2. It is the job is done with closed eyes. Lift and bend your left leg, arms out to the sides. If you can resist more than 30 seconds, the result of your 25 years if 15 seconds - about 50 years, and 5 seconds - 70 years.

3. right thumb gently squeeze the skin on the inner side of his left hand, is easy to pull up and hold so for 5 seconds. Let go and count how many seconds it will remain a trace on the skin. If 5 seconds, you 45, from 6 to 15 seconds - 60 years, 15 to 55 seconds - 70 years.

4. For this problem needs an assistant. Be straight, stretch your arms forward and expand their palms together. The assistant should hold vertical line at "zero" even with your little finger. Then, without warning, he let go of the line, and you catch it. Look around you at what she was caught: 12 cm - 20 years, 20 cm - 50 years, 25 cm - 60 years.

After the dough, add one by one all the indicators of age and divide by four. Here and get information about their biological age. When the results are unpleasant surprise, immediately start to do something to improve the condition of his body.

 The biological age of the person

  How to save the beauty, youth and health

1. Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day. It removes toxins, cleanses the blood vessels, rejuvenates the skin, nourishes the cells with energy.

2. Adhere to proper sleep, whether you're a night owl or an early bird. Night to rest. The person must sleep 8 hours a day. Healthy sleep from 10 pm to 7 am. But due to the different conditions of employment and work, not everyone is able to adhere to this regime, so pick up for themselves the optimum time for sleep. Remember that in the morning you have to completely relax, to feel a new surge of strength and energy.

3. Keep a daily physical activity, do exercises, run, to dance, tennis or any other sport.

4. Do not overeat, eat more fruits and vegetables, and as little buns, sweets. Your body needs only in certain vitamins and minerals, pay attention to your diet.

5. Your well-being depends on your mental attitude. Be friendly, patient, self-confidence, do not be discouraged, do not be afraid to smile. Fight with stress, depression, struggling, did not allow any negative thoughts to spoil your life.

6. Take care of yourself, do not put off important things to "later". For example, do not think so, "I give up sweets tomorrow, but today still eat some chocolate." I believe that this approach is "tomorrow" never comes. If you want to stay young, then you now have to do yourself, no one else for you it will not.

7. And now a large selection of various techniques to restore and maintain health - breathing techniques, special exercises. Select this something specific to themselves. These classes also help to keep the body in good condition.

  Dear readers, take care of their youth and never lose your inner beauty, because it is the guarantee of health and longevity.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch