The Weakest Link: When contraception is not working?
 Each means for the prevention of pregnancy has its own formula for reliability. As a rule, it is high enough. But it is worth it to include one random term and the effect will be reduced exponentially.

Hormonal contraceptives - the reliability of 90-99%. But:

Hormonal OK + = antibiotic effect of 20-30%

Treatment of diseases with antibiotics many families are not welcome. But it happens that this is the only measure that can in the shortest possible time to help the patient. And if you need antibiotics in conjunction with probiotics today is not questioned, the proposal to include in the said "duo" yet and condoms is at least surprising. Absolutely nothing! If you feel well enough to spend time with loved ones in bed last you for sure come in handy! Even if you are taking hormonal OK!

Remember! When the treatment involves the use of antibiotics for two weeks or more from the reception OK, you can not refuse. They will not help! But if the treatment will take place in a more intensive pace to prevention pills add insurance. For example, in the form of condom.

Hormonal OK + = antidepressant effect of 40-50%

The complexities of a personal plan - not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure. It proved that good sex returns a taste for life. However, if you are taking herbal extracts, powders or other type of sedative, do not forget to buy additional security! Since the above-mentioned forms of medications contain substances partially neutralizing contraceptive effect.

Hormonal OK + grapefruit juice effect = 20-30%

Surprisingly, the daily consumption of grapefruit negates the beneficial effects of the majority of existing medications! Hormonal OK included in their number. If you decide to sit down and figure on the grapefruit diet, keep in mind that OK this fact will not be happy! We'll have to choose: either they embrace a hot minute grapefruit and the same + condoms! The fact is that grapefruit deprives hormonal contraceptives of their protective properties.

 The Weakest Link: When contraception is not working?

Hormonal OK + diuretics effect = 5-10%

Offer "flush the kidneys" and get rid of the extra kilos (many slimming based on the diuretic effect) looks tempting. However, gynecologists warn OK instead of the usual best use caps or condoms. After all, the more pronounced is currently a diuretic effect, the smaller the percentage of protection against unwanted pregnancy now has your body.

Hormonal OK + = food poisoning effect of 10-15%

Food poisoning itself is an unpleasant surprise, not to mention its symptoms such as indigestion or vomiting. But today we are not talking about it, and a high sense of love and its components. Be aware, even a one-day deterioration of health due to poisoning, requires two weeks of birth control with additional means of protection.

Condoms - the reliability of 99%. But:

Condom + cosmetic cream, Vaseline effect = 50%

Using a lubricant during sexual intercourse not only eliminates the problem of vaginal dryness, but also adds visual sensations pair surrendered pleasure. Do not skimp on special creams, gels or foam. In fact they, unlike cosmetic products, designed to create an additional protection against sperm. But petroleum jelly and cream break down latex, which significantly weakens the protection.

 The Weakest Link: When contraception is not working?

IUD - the reliability of 95-97%. But:

Spiral + regular exercise = effect of 10-50%

Jumps, somersaults, flips, and exercises for the abs and hips may contribute to the displacement of the spiral. In particular, if the data exercise practiced during menstruation. Unfortunately, the very offset, you can not feel it. But be very vigilant if the spiral is set less than six months ago, and finally in the uterus has not "caught."

Spermicides - the reliability of 70-75%. But:

Spermicides + aquatic activities with the effect of cosmetic products = 30-40%

After a pleasant leisure activity most girls dream of the soul. Cool water will soothe hot body and promote healthy hygiene. But if you use protection as spermicides, from water treatment should be avoided. At least for an hour! Otherwise, the active components contraceptive instead neutralize the sperm will be engaged in a futile struggle with the ingredients of cosmetics. Even plain water for a specified period of time can hurt. Because of the risk wash spermicides. And you do not need.

Be healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova