To be or not to be: sex during menstruation
 It is indecent, unnatural and generally awful - these words describe about sex during menstruation older generation. But contrary to their opinion (or in spite of) young couples still do "it." Are there any objective medical aspects to temper his zeal? Allow can not ban - where to put the comma?

To assess the extent of sexual "crimes" turn to statistics. About 30% of women believe that sex during menstruation - that was best in their lives. Feeling brighter, longer orgasms, and better overall health. Well, here's how not to surrender to pleasure? Those emissions that are natural in this period do not interfere with the process, but on the contrary, contribute to easier penetration, acting as a natural lubricant.

Tradition vs. medicine

The ban on sexual relations exist in many cultures around the world. Especially zealous opponents of "critical days" as evidence of a crime against humanity of women (remember the Bible) had the right to kill his wife, even if she accidentally contaminated with blood marital bed. Fortunately, modern men are more loyal to their women, and much wiser than their predecessors. Today's medicine of their full support in this, and even gives the green light to the "it" if they are unbearable.

Menstruation is not a contraindication to the intimate setting of love couples if both partners feel good and do not see anything wrong in his actions. But at the same time, before you plunge into the world of passion, weigh the pros and cons.

To be or not to be?

The risk of infection during menstruation increases substantially, and without protection to get pregnant at this time is also possible. The risk for women who have a short or irregular cycle. Therefore, observe safety precautions! Be open-minded without harm.

3 reasons to make "it"

Intimacy during menstruation relieves pain that afflict women due to uterine contractions.

Orgasm during this period is felt sharper longer and it is very bright.

Sex in these days - a sign of the special relationship of trust between partners. As a rule, women agree to such frank sex only with verified lovers.

 To be or not to be: sex during menstruation

5 reasons to forget about it for a while

Tearfulness, irritability, resentment and other PMS symptoms - not the best background for love and pleasure. Sometimes it is better to abandon the venture than a run immediately after its implementation.

Received education and categorical position of the company "can not" can play havoc with our partners. They may feel "at ease" and then it becomes impossible to enjoy. Realistically assess their desires.

As paradoxical as it may sound, but the true level of self-disgust, we learn only at the time of any incident. If you or your partner have not had sex during menstruation, you should be prepared for a sudden desire decline. But, once we note it happens infrequently.

Due to decreasing immunity pick up an infection during this period easier. In addition, opportunistic bacteria that live in the vaginal mucosa women during the critical days may multiply rapidly, sometimes leading to chronic inflammation. Therefore, health first.

Doctors do not recommend to indulge in amorous pleasures during the critical days of the women who have any infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Hand on heart, confess: 3-5 days without sex is possible and endure.

Alternative ways of pleasure

Masturbation.   Having decided to self-gratification, do not forget to complete with a vibrator to use a condom. This is a prerequisite hygiene.

Petting.   This form of sexual activity practiced by many lovers and ordinary days. It is able to bring the discharge, which is as strong in no way inferior to the traditional sex.

Oral.   Few of the men takes his enthusiasm these days, but there are fans of "strawberries". Aesculapius medicine do not object against the actions of this sort.

If you are on sex

Take into consideration the recommendations of gynecologists:

1. Take a shower.   It is desirable component of any sexual act, but it was during the critical days of the item to pass not only rational, but also dangerous for health.

2. Use a condom.   It does not matter whether you use other methods of contraception or not. Remember about women's vulnerability during this period.

3. Select the best posture.   Of course, you already have their preferences in sex, but in this case it is possible to compromise. Doctors warn that the best position for comfort in a critical period of women's health - the missionary with a shallow penetration.

Cheers and welcome!
Author: Natalia Bartukova