Truth and myths about breast cancer
 Every eighth woman is exposed to the disease. And this figure - the truth. It's scary, agree. If you remember all the women with whom we cross for at least a week - mother, sister, colleague, friend, classmate ... - it turns out that even the inner circle can be ill a few people.

In the case of cancer prevention is very important to have reliable information. Although it is believed that it is better unduly alarmed than later "bite your elbows" yet bring themselves to paranoia it is not necessary. Composure and serenity are no less important in the protection of health. So, check whether the correct view you have about breast cancer.

That's not fatal.   And this is also another truth about breast cancer. Despite the terrible statistics given in the beginning of the article, there is hope, and much more. With early diagnosis treatment is successful, and women who have had breast cancer continue to live an active life, raising children, grandchildren and in no way different from their friends who are spared the disease. A strong argument in favor of regular surveys, agree. And another important detail. In such a disease as cancer is really important in the diagnosis of the first term. Just two weeks may play an important role and to avoid death.

Need to undergo a mammogram every year.   I agree, but partially. If you are over 40, it really is a mammogram every year. At the age of 20 is enough to make a monthly breast self-examination and clinical testing take place should be at least once every three years.

Breast cancer only in women.   It is not true. Men can also develop breast cancer. Sorry for the detail, but even the dogs and cats can have breast cancer. So if your husband disturb seals in the chest - to the doctor immediately! The disease is male, of course, not as frequent, but when it occurs, the consequences can be as severe. For example, in the United States die each year from 500 male breast cancer.

 Truth and myths about breast cancer

If there is sick in the family - and it touches you . This is not entirely true. It is true that if your family history of breast cancer patients, then your risk is certainly higher than that of those who do not have such a family history. And statistics show that less than 20% of women will inherit the disease from a family member. Just to know that the risk increases, so should be more attentive to her monthly breast self-inspect, consult with experts. But the family history of the disease - not a death sentence, that's for sure.

Any lump in her breast - it was cancer.   It is not true. Some women have a smooth mammary tissue, some the other hand the seals are often observed, cysts. But this does not mean that you are sick with cancer. Just every new seal in this case should lead you to a specialist, although it often happens, when diagnosed, that simply prone to breast cysts. The answer - only for the specialist.

Malignant formation different from the benign to the touch . This is basically true. But the fact that malignancy can be determined only expert. Himself diagnose, let alone seek to give their definition of seals is not necessary. The rule is - if any seals are going to the doctor, even if you are 100 percent sure that this is - good-quality education.

 Truth and myths about breast cancer

The lighter the skin, the more likely to get breast cancer. This is not true. There are some statistics about the color. For example, it is assumed that African-American women are more likely to die from breast cancer. But this is due, rather, with the educational level and the availability of medical care. According to these data, white women actually have fewer deaths.

Tablets can cause breast cancer . This may partly relate to women over 45, who took birth control pills. The fact that the tablets of the generation had very high doses of hormones, in contrast to modern drugs. If you start taking pills in the 2000s, you can not worry that their composition is somehow trigger cancer. On the other hand, there are studies that taking birth control pills can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and other female genital organs.

If you become ill with breast cancer, you amputated breast.   This is not true. Although in some cases, such a measure is necessary, but treatment can also consist of other measures, depending on the stage of the disease: chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, any combination of these and other measures. The diagnosis "breast cancer", especially if it is delivered at an early stage, does not always mean that you lose your breasts.
Author: Olga Larsen