Useful properties of balm "asterisk"
 Who among us has not tried or at least heard about the famous "star" - the notorious balm in round cans of red color with the image of a star? Until recently, this universal ointment was almost in every home! Do you know what it is and what are its benefits? This ointment which essentially consists of essential oils. It was she who saved the Soviet people from a variety of ills - runny nose, itching and other misfortunes, ignoring almost a panacea. Perhaps it's time to stock up on a jar of modern humans of fragrant funds? Let's face it.

Why the "stars" like?

Why "star" (or "Gold Star" as its name sounds completely) like? Because of the flavor and sense of coolness, which she gives. Its use in large quantities leads to the desired effect, but can often occur overdosing and, as a consequence of an allergic reaction.

Now the "Zvezdochka" has lost its incredible prevalence and popularity, although it continues to be used today. The former Soviet citizens and still honestly believe it all-healing properties. An important role was played by packaging design, a symbol of the Soviet Union.

 Useful properties of balm "asterisk"

How to use a "star"?

It is believed that the "Zvezdochka" helps with the common cold (strong and bright flavor instantly relieves nasal congestion) and some types of pain.

Often the "star" is used to get rid of the itching caused by the bites of mosquitoes. Due to the cooling effect of itching really goes on for 15-20 minutes, then can reappear.

• If you spend a cold ointment under your nose, smeared nostrils or do inhalations (some ointment dissolved in boiling water, bows his head over it, covering it with the towel, and breathe, is another option - to use a special inhaler).

 Useful properties of balm "asterisk"

• From a headache rubbing temples, eyebrows, the area above the upper lip. Be careful if you are dealt a balm fingers, in any case, do not rub their eyes, and it is better immediately after applying balm thoroughly wash your hands.

 Useful properties of balm "asterisk"

• With a cold ointment often rubbed into the abdomen, chest, back.

• When the pain in muscles and joints balm rubbed into the disturbing areas.

 Useful properties of balm "asterisk"

• If seasickness is useful to rub balm in the head and temples.

 Useful properties of balm "asterisk"

• Will "asterisk" and depression - rubbing balm temples, eyebrows and neck, you'll sleep better and return to spiritual harmony. And you can do and aromatherapy - a little balm (smaller than a pin head) should be placed in the aroma lamp, cover with water, and light a candle.

Pay attention!

• Using a "star", make sure that it does not hit the mucous membranes, in open wounds in the pustular skin disease. If this still happens, immediately flush the affected area with plenty of water.

• Due to the use of "star" can be side reactions, allergies. If you feel something wrong, cream rinse and do not use it longer.

• Do all you can apply the balm? No, not all. At any drug there are contraindications - and "star" among others. Namely - hypersensitivity to its components.

• Children up to 2 years of use is prohibited balm.

Sprocket and pregnancy

This ointment like resort pregnant, mainly because of its naturalness. At first glance, this is the perfect remedy for pregnancy-saving body from a variety of troubles at the time when it is impossible to cram all sorts of pills. But is it? And even if many are advised to use it, it is not so safe. This is stated in the instructions to the balm. Why is that?

Home contra "Sprockets" - Hypersensitivity to the components. And pregnant just observed the very high sensitivity - to many products, odors, medicines. Because, even if you have never been allergic attacks, a new period of life, you are not safe from them. After the balsam includes various oils: eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, liquid, mint and others. Each of them can cause allergies.

If you are not pregnant, then remember that compared to many drugs "Zvezdochka" - the lesser evil, but to abuse it is not necessary. But first be sure to test for sensitivity, a little rubbed ointment into the back of the wrist and watch during the day, not whether there will be redness. And in any case do not apply too much balm - you can get burned. Everything in moderation - is the best wisdom!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya