Voyage into joy: how to prevent motion sickness
 According to statistics, about 90% of the population suffers from motion sickness. It turns out that we are also a huge probability among these "lucky"? If you have not yet had occasion to meet with such an unpleasant state of the body, how much more you need to get acquainted with the phenomenon referred to as "sea-sickness." As you know, forewarned - is forearmed.

Motion sickness - what is it?

Motion sickness - a painful condition of the body, in which due to the monotonous shaking felt nausea and motion sickness. Most often, we are faced with a similar phenomenon is in the sea journey, hence the name, but does not avoid rocking party and other modes of transport. The mechanism of occurrence of bad state of health lies in the abuse of the program, responsible for the operation of the vestibular apparatus. The most striking manifestation of the symptoms of seasickness are nausea, often turning into vomiting, dizziness and headaches, general weakness of the body, drowsiness, etc.

 Voyage into joy: how to prevent motion sickness

Are fans travel is forever forget about the cruise liners and ships not to suffer all the way from the painful symptoms of this unpleasant condition? Of course not. For any trip was fun, try the following methods. They will help, if not entirely eliminate, or at least greatly facilitate health.

• Pre-train the body

Begin to prepare for the trip in advance, training his vestibular apparatus. For this fit the usual regular sit-ups, in addition to actively use the swings and rocking chair: they prepare the body for changes in body position in the journey.

• Go to a pharmacy

Well with initial symptoms of motion sickness special homeopathic pills from the pharmacy, as well as the usual candy and gum with mint flavor. Take them you need ahead of time, or when the manifestation of severe symptoms of the disease, they will not help.

 Voyage into joy: how to prevent motion sickness

• Do not hide in the corner

Closed in his cabin without a window or view focusing on one point, you will only reinforce motion sickness. For this reason, it recommended reading abandon the ship. The best solution - to stay on the deck and breathe the fresh air, not peering into something concrete.

• Relax, but not by alcohol

If you worry about the upcoming trip, it certainly will increase motion sickness. As well as the fatigue of the body. Therefore, plenty of rest and enough sleep before the voyage, relax and not think about the possible troubles. And, of course, do not try to gain strength with the help of alcohol, he will only provoke motion sickness.

• Down with gastronomic excesses

If you're hungry, limit snacks instead abundant fatty, spicy or sweet foods. Try to drink more plain water instead of juices, especially citrus fruits, which irritate the stomach.

 Voyage into joy: how to prevent motion sickness

• Do not freeze

Stock up on warm clothes, because the water is always cooler than on land, even if you are in the cabin. Fresh air you now just need to feel good. Therefore, if the room is stuffy to sleep, it is better to stay on the deck chair on the deck of the place where the least felt the pitching.

The good news for all those who are not sure of the "perfection" of their vestibular system is unpleasant that the state has a "shelf life". Someone to make you feel better, it will take a couple of hours, someone a couple of days, but not more than three. So be patient, take into service our helpful tips, calm down - and forward to new adventures and positive emotions!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya