What skin tells your health
 Dermatologists are advised to take preventive inspection of the skin for at least 1 time in 1-2 years, and if you're over 40 and you live in a sunny climate - it often. This should be done every one of us, after inspection of the skin not only can diagnose skin problems and diseases.

But you yourself can examine your skin regularly, to make sure their health. And at the first unpleasant symptoms - seek medical attention. About these symptoms will be discussed.

Yellow eyes

You just think about jaundice? But panic ahead of time is not necessary. Sometimes, yellow whites of the eyes may indicate a hormonal imbalance or banal fatigue. However, if you're worried about yellowing of the eyes - should consult a gastroenterologist, you may have a health problem of the liver.

Bags under the eyes and puffiness

If anything like this before have not been observed, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects of their diet and care:

- First, evaluate your diet. By swelling and bags under the eyes resulting in the consumption of large amounts of foods high in sodium. A diet in which a lot of salt, promotes water retention throughout the body, including the eye area.

- Second, the skin under the eyes affect chronic allergies. Inflammation and irritation leads to expansion of blood vessels, which creates puffiness and dark purple.

 What skin tells your health

Hyperpigmentation and vitiligo (discoloration)

Heed the results of sun damage to the skin. Brown spots or skin discoloration may indicate skin lesions and even benign or malignant tumors (which can only diagnose a dermatologist). But not always. Convex velvety, brownish-gray spots on the skin, especially emerging around the neck, in the armpits and groin - could also be an early sign of diabetes.

Grey Leather

Dull grayish skin color often means a lack of oxygen in the blood. If so, it is possible to develop and more serious conditions. For example, gray skin - this is the first sign of emphysema, and even the possibility of a heart attack. It also points to a variety of diseases such as tuberculosis, chronic lung disease, pneumonia, and even some types of cancer.

Less common causes of skin dullness - peritonitis, an inflammation of the thin layer of tissue inside the abdomen, which is caused by bacteria or fungus.

Dry skin and dry hair, brittle nails

If the skin becomes dry, and hair and nails - brittle - it may indicate a thyroid problem. Healthy skin - a smooth, rash and swelling. And even dry on the nature of the skin immediately becomes smooth when it is moistened. If the dryness persists after a deep moisturizing - is a direct sign that it is time to see a doctor. Chances are, you are experiencing an acute shortage of vitamin A, essential fatty acids (omega-3), or zinc. A dermatologist can help find the right diet and recommend vitamin complexes.

 What skin tells your health

Itching, rash with burning

This type of rash known as dermatitis herpetiformis, and can be a symptom of celiac disease - a digestive disorder that appears as a result of the body's reaction to gluten (gluten-free). This skin reaction can appear absolutely anywhere, but most often occurs around the knees, elbows, scalp, back, buttocks. Sometimes the rash preceded by burning of the skin in these areas. Go to the doctor if the diagnosis is confirmed - you will not have to suffer, it will be sufficient to comply with a gluten-free diet.

Orange or bronze skin tone

Bright orange skin tone should not be afraid because it is not a consequence of the disease, and possibly your food contains a lot of carrots and other vegetables rich in carotene.

Bronze same shade (not to be confused with a tan!) Of the skin may indicate a hereditary disease called hemochromatosis.

Excess facial hair

Women should be careful about the appearance of any new facial hair. Hair that appear along the chin, above the upper lip - may indicate the occurrence of polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance caused by an increase in the level of male hormones in the female body.

Chapped Lips

Dry cracks around the lips or in the corners of his mouth - a sign of deficiency of vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B6. Correct the situation will help to correct food: lacking niacin can be found in canned tuna wild, riboflavin - spinach, B6 - in Nute.

Strong sensitivity to sunlight

If the skin reacts even on the morning or not intense rays of the sun, should be wary. There is an allergy to the sun's rays, there is also an autoimmune disease (with the strange name "lupus"), but all these states can be diagnosed by a qualified dermatologist.

Be attentive to yourself and especially to your skin. It is the largest organ of the human body, and it not only responds to external influences, but also to changes in the internal organs. The skin, the hair and nails, help us to pay attention to developing the disease, diagnose them and start effective treatment.
Author: Tamara