Why do I need to drink more water
 Nutritionists, cosmetologists, doctors - all vying advised to drink plenty of water. Professionals from health care are sounding the alarm: more than three quarters of the world population dehydrated. People are not motivated to drink water every day, although this depends on health and youth.

We offer a strong case for an 8-ounce glasses of water a day:

Water - a good assistant in the maintenance of the desired weight
Girls who are dieting and watching your weight, you know that you need to drink plenty of water. If you drink enough water, it will help regulate appetite, because it is very often at the hunger we take ordinary thirst. When the body gets the right amount of water, the metabolism functioning optimally, which does not get fat and maintain the desired weight.

Water gives energy
In the middle of the day so often leans tired, sleepy, energy to work is not enough. This is likely from dehydration. Before you drink a cup of coffee for courage, drink one or two glasses of pure water. You immediately feel that the work has become easier to come cheerfulness and attentiveness.

Water - it is healthy bones
We all know that our body is 80% water. But did you know that your bones are 50% too, are composed of water? To bone cells grow and multiply, to be healthy, they need water. This is a good argument to drink an extra glass of water, because no one wants to have bone problems. And we know that with age, it is most often a women's issue.

 Why do I need to drink more water
 Water removes toxins
Water helps remove toxins and other harmful waste from the lymphatic system, kidney and intestines. You do not want to store garbage in your body! This is the easiest cleaning. Drink enough water, and you will not suffer from such a feature clogged lymphatic system as a constant fatigue. Liver and kidneys, too, need a lot of water to do its job of cleansing.

Water helps the brain
Surprisingly, in many brain functions using water. And he works a lot. Did you know that the human brain releases the same amount of electricity as a 60W light bulb? Let your brain enough water to keep it at a high level.

Water - it is a healthy and young skin
What beautiful skin? Glowing, healthy, free from blemishes and blackheads. We spend a lot of money on caring creams to achieve beautiful and youthful skin. But we forget that the same effect can be achieved much more simple way. Using water. The skin is supplied with moisture on a residual basis, so only the good and regular hydration of the body will provide beneficial effects of the water to the skin. In addition, water from the skin removes toxins.

Water - this is a good digestion
Such a problem like constipation never visited people who drink a lot of water, only one fiber, unfortunately, it does not address the question. Start the day with the obligatory glass of water before breakfast. This immediately helps the digestive system to get rid of the accumulated waste substances. The water softens the stool and gives it a quick and painless removal from the intestines. If your stool - a solid, it is the first sign of dehydration.

 Why do I need to drink more water
 Replace coffee to water
Above you learned that two glasses of water will give more energy than a cup of coffee. But nutritionists and doctors insist on that morning coffee to replace the water. Water immediately cause all systems of the body work, including brain and muscle, while coffee makes it much more slowly.

Water eases heartburn
It is believed that the presence of heartburn affects the food eaten the day before. But experts do not agree with this. In fact, heartburn is due to a serious lack of water in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. And heartburn - is one of the signs of dehydration. Plain glass of water instead of pills - and the problem can be solved. And it could be the prevention of complications from stomach ulcer. Serious motivation, right?

Water - this is the life for the cells
When not enough water in the body, it begins to draw water from the internal organs, of blood, for example. Heart immediately will be more difficult to operate because of the thick blood, and saving water, the body will not supply blood to vital organs. Lack of water - this is a very large burden on the work of all bodies, because the cells need water constantly.

We were able to convince you that the first thing we need to drink plenty of clean water. And then you can not afford a cup of coffee or even a glass of beer.
Author: Your Tamara