Work on the bugs: cholesterol-lowering folk remedies
 On the dangers of cholesterol today is not only lazy heard. Since it involves a lot of legends and myths, but in reality everything is much more prosaic. This fat-like substance is vital to us, and most of it (80%) produced by the human body. The rest comes from food that is, be honest, is not always useful. She's the culprit is the availability of our "bad" cholesterol, which serves the cause of development of atherosclerosis.

If your tests revealed high content of hazardous substances should not give up. Mother Nature took care of us, giving the ability to lower cholesterol safe methods. We present our simple folk recipes:

• the use of flaxseed or flaxseed oil

The easiest way - on an empty stomach every morning to take a couple of tablespoons of flax oil. If you dislike even the thought of swallowing this liquid, buy at the pharmacy flaxseed. It should be pre-dried in the oven, grind and pour into the jar. You can flavor them any food and drink at least every day.

 Work on the bugs: cholesterol-lowering folk remedies

• powdered lime blossom

Take linden flowers, personally collected or purchased at the pharmacy, and grind them into powder. The most convenient way to do it in a coffee grinder. The resulting flour flower take a daily three times a day, a teaspoon with water. Result month course will please you not only lower your cholesterol to normal, but and bring toxins, lose weight.

• reception of propolis

Bee products perfectly clean vessels from the harmful cholesterol. One needs only to tune in to a sufficiently long course of treatment (4 months), and not to miss taking medication. We need 4% propolis tincture. Eat it should be in the morning, afternoon and evening for half an hour before meals, spreading to 7 drops of 30 ml of water.

• Fresh fruits red ash

The recipe is very simple, but it is no less effective. It takes only a day to eat 20 red berries of mountain ash, divided into 3-4 receptions. The course is conducted as follows: 4 day eat fruit, then make a break for 10 days, after which repeat the sequence 2 more times. Nice (and tasty) such treatment is carried out at the beginning of the cold weather, when the berries freeze and become sweeter.

 Work on the bugs: cholesterol-lowering folk remedies

• vitamin mixture of honey, cranberries and garlic

An excellent tool for cleaning vessels from cholesterol is an affordable tool. It suffices to take a glass of honey and cranberries, half a cup of grated garlic and grind the ingredients until smooth. Eat a mixture of a teaspoon should preferably overnight. Positive results with regular use "mix" you will see in a month.

• eating oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal - your friend in the fight to reduce cholesterol, and he "surrenders" unconditionally and does not rise. One "but": as long as you replace it all the usual breakfast items. To the positive effect did not wait, fill the night glass of oatmeal with hot water for swelling. In the morning it will simply add them all dried fruit to your taste.

 Work on the bugs: cholesterol-lowering folk remedies

Of course, no one treatment is unthinkable without certain food restrictions. Agree, it's silly to sprinkle flax seeds overdone burgers in the hope of reducing the hated cholesterol. So let's say "no" butter, whole milk, cream, cheese, fatty meat dishes, fat, and such "delicacies" as well as bad habits. Instead, give the "green light" fruits and vegetables, cereals, lean meat and fish.

And finally: doctors say that high cholesterol does not threaten positive and cheerful people who dedicate free time active lifestyle instead of feasts. Therefore, review your eating habits, be active and friendly, and you will forget that these terrible words like cholesterol and atherosclerosis.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya