Your well-being
 The main thing - health and money you can earn. This expression is perhaps the most common, and it sounds true. Without health, people are hard to take care of themselves and others. And sometimes it happens that you have a good health, but a sudden illness attack, you become discouraged, while not understanding why it's health failed, because it was all right. But can you make a mistake in thinking that your body is in perfect condition?

I propose to spend a few minutes of your time trying to answer the test questions, and learn how to actually things with your health.


  For answer a) - 5 points b) - 3 points; c) - 1 point.

  1. What are you doing to keep yourself in good shape?
  a) Nothing, live at your pleasure;
  b) have developed a special program, although it constantly fail to comply;
  c) Exercise regularly and watch out for him.

  2. Once you realize that you are losing their appeal.
  a) are worried because of this;
  b) take into account - that, they say, do, all age;
  c) immediately seek causes and efforts to resolve them.

  3. Are you at least once a week for a year to go swimming or do something else to maintain vitality?
  a) only in the summer;
  b) yes, but this is not easy;
  c) do all the time.

4. Did you follow a special diet?
  a) no, and without it life enough problems;
  b) you have the weight of all right;
  c) Yes.

5. Imagine that a doctor advised not to wear high heels or sneakers. How to react to counsel?
  a) if the normal feet, you'll be wearing such shoes;
  b) will comply with advice, but in some cases, still shod heels or sneakers;
  c) be sure to follow the recommendations.

  6. Have a tendency to laziness?
  a) sometimes;
  b) under certain conditions;
  c) no.

  7. How do you eat?
  a) the food is not fussy - eat everything at hand;
  b) choose what to taste;
  c) choose nutritionally valuable meals.

  Add all the points and look at the resulting estimate.

From 6 to 13 points.   You practice the motto "Health - the main wealth." You took the time for a healthy lifestyle and strictly adhere to all established norms. As a result you have achieved harmony between the physical and mental state, so that you can be for yourself calm.

  From 14 to 26 points. Your will is not yet strong, very sorry for himself. Plans sometimes nullified, because you are not consistent. Maybe you think it's too late to take care of their health? In vain.

  From 27 to 35 points. Health really iron. Maybe because of the fact that you are still young, and the body itself fights with disabilities. But, despite this, you should do your health, do not delay this important matter tomorrow, otherwise the body can repay contempt for him.

According to the World Health Organization, health is only 10% is determined by the health care, and 50% - the wrong way of life and the environmental situation, and 40% inherited. After passing the test, do not worry if you get a negative response, their health can be improved by applying to it some effort.

 Your well-being

Secrets wellness

  The first step is to find the so-called "pivot point" from which it will begin and your well-being, for this you need to set yourself psychologically. You have to be calm soul. It is your inner attitude affects health and what is happening around you. Learn to smile and enjoy even the smallest detail: the first snow, bright sun ... Remember the last time you were smiling and happy life? Also, do not blame someone (or yourself) in all the world's misery. If you happen something unpleasant on your own or someone else's fault, forget it, leave it in the past. To err is human, but we learn from our mistakes, so I think they gained experience.

  Should not be underestimated, and your self-esteem: the lower it falls, the more depressed you are. Insecure people, as a prisoner in chains, is not able to completely relax, behaves stiffly. Of course, self-esteem - it is not the only obstacle wellbeing. Unrest is also harmful. Without them, however, in this world can not do. We worry for tomorrow, for the family, for the success of the work and can list a lot of what we are worried. But still, there are people who are nervous less. And they are, in most cases, be happy and satisfied with their lives.

  All of this is the same "point of support", which is responsible for all the best that is happening to us. The main thing - the inner positive attitude, and this is the first secret of good health.

  Next - is the physical condition of the body. Responsible attitude to your body, pay attention to even minor problems with it. For example, when you notice that some weight because you ate the muffins, then later give up on them. Ignoring a small problem can lead to the emergence of more serious. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle - good rest, enough sleep, go for a walk, exercise and eat healthy food.

  And remember that the well-being is directly related to mood, so smile!
Author: Svetlana Doskoch