A dream in a summer night
 For many of our short summers are not just "little life", but the long-awaited and bright life. However, summer is not only an abundance of color, light, fruit, flowers, and it is still hot. And if the day it still somehow can endure and even enjoy the sun, at night I want to take a break from the heat by taking a dip in the cool. But, alas ...

And the saddest thing is that many people in hot weather can not sleep, get up in the morning exhausted from insomnia and headache.

Of course, the best way to move from the concrete jungle in the summer to the country, but not everyone has the opportunity.

Doctors are advised to give up in the heat of training in the gym and in general to minimize physical activity, even in the evening.

  It is not recommended to drink alcohol, including beer, coffee and strong tea, not to mention energy drinks.

 A dream in a summer night

Dinner does not have to consist of a dense, heavy foods, as in the process of digesting its body temperature rises. Enough to eat boiled fish, vegetable salad, drink a glass of kefir.

Day in the heat too, should not burden the stomach. According to Russian tradition of our ancestors ate in the summer okroshka on kvass and serum, cold soup, which included a protein in the form of meat and eggs. In the heat of a person loses a lot of fluid, which contains salt and protein breakdown products, which must be replenished.

To keep cool in the room, the experts advise to buy blinds and blackout curtains. Some even acquire shutters.

The house will be noticeably cooler, if you fix a reflective foil on the windows.

When the sun is out, the windows should be opened to ventilate the room.

 A dream in a summer night

The apartment is cooler, if you pour cold water into a spray bottle, add some ice and regularly spray the air around windows and doors.

If there are doors and balcony doors in the apartment that they should be kept open. On doors and windows you can hang wet terry sheets.

When the fan is also a window should be opened for better air movement.

And for better cooling airflow to the experts working propeller put bottles of frozen water.

But in order to reduce the temperature at bedtime own body should always close to the fan a few minutes.

Better air conditioning these days nothing came up. But using it properly, you can get not only the common cold, but also pneumonia. So you need to just cool the room before going to bed, but did not leave the air conditioner on for the whole night.

 A dream in a summer night

In hot weather, experts advise to use bedding made of cotton and linen.

To the bed was cool, the sheet is placed in a plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator the day.

If there is no air conditioning, it is beside the bed can put a basin of laid there with bottles of frozen water. While the ice is melting in them air in the room and cool and moisten.

Some put the ice on a dish, put it on the nightstand next to the bed and covered with a cloth or towel. Cool towel can be from time to time to put on your face.

In India, in the heat of the people behind the ears rubbed ice cube and get quick relief from the heat. If cubes do not have, you can attach a cloth soaked in cold water.

 A dream in a summer night

Breathe easier it will be and when to wipe the floor with a rag soaked in well water, which added a few drops of essential oil of mint.

Relieves and creams with menthol. At night, they smeared the legs and hips.

Go to bed in the heat should be no later than 23 hours, and preferably at ten o'clock. And be sure to take a refreshing shower before going to bed. And shortly before bedtime drink a glass of the mixture of tomato juice and boiled water 1: 1.

In Tibet, in the heat before going to bed rub in the foot and in the palm of castor oil.

And even in the heat, people often very nervous and easily irritated. This, in turn, raises the body temperature. If the calm self-suggestion does not work, it is necessary to mix 5 drops of valerian tincture pharmacy and motherwort, stir in the water and take in the morning, afternoon and evening.

 A dream in a summer night

Regular tea is replaced decoction of mint or lemon balm, or a mixture thereof.

Calm down and helps meadowsweet. 1 teaspoon brew 1 cup of boiling water and drink as tea.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva