A dwarf went swimming ...
 It is difficult, perhaps, to find someone who would not love to swim in the summer. And everything you know about swimming?

Some go into the reservoir when the water still just 17 - + 18C, and the beaches are not yet furnished. Let's think a simple bathing rules:

- Experts advise swimming only where permitted and where lifeguards are on duty.

- Do not swim during a storm, lightning, dive, especially in unfamiliar places.

- During a thunderstorm, a lightning strike is easier to get in the water than on land.

- The storm generally dangerous joke, although many believe that the great ride on a wave. One day my mother and I had a rest in Crimea, was a five-point storm, and we went for a walk in the park. A husband and wife that were resting in the house in front, went to admire the raging sea, they stood on the shore nearby and happy, and suddenly, no one had time to recover, as a wave grabbed the man and dragged. It was never found. Therefore, the risk in any case impossible.

- About diving from the rocks and the pier also I know many cases where daredevils dive and smashed his head on the pitfalls.

- Do not dive into the water after taking alcohol, can simply not sustain the heart.

 A dwarf went swimming ...
   - Swim with caution is necessary if the water is much colder than the air. Those who have health problems, it is better not to risk it.

- Arriving at the beach dressed in a swimsuit, and you need to give yourself time to get used to the environment and weather conditions the beach and only 15-20 minutes to go for a swim.

- Hair even while swimming in the river and the lake is best to hide under a cap, not to mention the sea bathing.

- By the way, many people go to the sea, not only to relax but also to heal. The very many times seen people rinse the throat and the nose is washed with salt water. But doctors say that a healthy nose does not need washing. A sick, weakened by washing the nose could pick up an additional infection, as the sea water is not ideal for a long time span. You can purchase additional sinusitis. Besides sea water contains much salt can occur and irritation of the nasal mucosa.

- About gargling same. The fact that sea water kills germs - not true. In seawater, according to scientists survive more than a month trapped in her helminth eggs, enterococci, E. coli, Vibrio cholerae. Usually all this infection gets into the sea with sewage. Therefore, while swimming is not necessary to swallow water if accidentally hit, immediately spit it out.

 A dwarf went swimming ...
 - And, behold, she nalitsya in the ears and the more water to penetrate into the brain can not prevent this, and earwax, and the structure of the ear, so plugging his ears do not, as some particularly impressionable person, usually male.

- I do not know how true that sea water helps get rid of cellulite, most likely just pulled the skin due to the displacement of the tissue of excess fluid.

- If someone wants to try spa treatments in the resort, if you have money, you can take the risk, but you should not expect a miracle. After wrapping seaweed may be a temporary effect, just like after a massage.

- After a swim in the pond it is recommended to take a shower. If this is not done, the salt from the sea water remaining on the skin, it will corrode the skin will be hurt and itch.

- Salted water trapped in the hair leads to dullness and sometimes loss.

- Even if the bathing going on in the river or lake, shower does not hurt cleanse the skin from possible contamination by the same helminth eggs. And if after a shower applied to the skin a small amount of olive oil, then moisturised skin will look smoother, softer and younger.

So, observing the simple rules when bathing, and the pleasure we get and maintain health and beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva