Be successful - turn stress into energy!
 Modern anti-stress technology urge us to deal with stress, to win it in the bud and to build a life without him. In pursuit of the measured life and search techniques "victory over stress" we do not consider important - stress it is life itself, it is designed by nature to improve the quality of our existence. The only action we should take in a stressful situation - to transform stress into energy! How to do it - read the article.

Stress is one of the most "fashionable" topics for discussion. He was the subject of many scientific papers, talking about it from TV screens and radio speakers. And as much as provide a method of taming stress - and do not count! Stress responsible for all our troubles - from hair loss and disruption of the menstrual cycle to break relations with the loved ones and the difficulties in raising children. Stress - is a cult that must be maintained! But otherwise, we are living in conditions that require us to immediate emergency responses and solutions and, as we know, the past and are a source of stress. Now think about it, do you really believe that our ancestors did not know what is stress? Really only in the age of information technology, we are faced with this scourge?

In 2009, Canadian researchers examined the remains of the ancient Incas to determine the samples of hair cortisol levels (a stress hormone). The result was unexpected, people living in the years 1530-1550 BC, not just "knew" with stress and live in conditions of chronic (!) Stress. So the shift to the "civilization" in the light of their own problems to discover the truth, at least not reasonably.

Nervous - it's okay!

Strive to avoid stress - it's like that tend not to live - sums up the Canadian scientist Hans Selye. Stress - is a natural reaction to any psychological or physical effects, which renders it out of balance.

There are two types of stress:

- Eustress   - Positive (favorable) stress
- Distress   - Negative (negative) stress

The first - helps us to mobilize and protect in case of a threat or danger. In most cases, eustress positively affects a person - strengthens the immune system, increases physical and emotional endurance develop adaptive capacity. However, it should take into account the important point - eustress usually does not last long. That is, in a stressful situation, the body of man "released" in the blood of the hormone cortisol, mobilize forces, has solved the problem and immediately relaxed. There was some kind of exercise.

 Be successful - turn stress into energy!

Another thing distress. It comes in the case where, despite the efforts made to solve the problem failed, and hence relax. The body remains in a "stretched like an arrow" state. The first to suffer the immune system, there are serious health problems.

Prerequisites to distress a lot, it can be as serious shock (death of a loved one), and "minor" if they last for a long time (long-term family problems). With distress on forces to cope only with the participation of a specialist. Fortunately, such situations in a person's life is not so much. Normally, what we call stress is eustress. Therefore, our task is to benefit from it!

Eustress as an energy source

Imagine the situation: a man lives a calm, even, in some way, boring life. Special efforts for something it is not required, and all so well. Suddenly he is faced with a serious problem, such as dismissal. Runs the system of survival, people going, he tries himself in new areas, and ultimately succeeds. This happens because under stress the body prepares to deal with the danger and this generates a huge amount of extra energy. Our task - to "catch" and send it back on track. If you learn how to manage this energy - you can "move mountains."

Worry usefully!

The logical question is: what to do with stress? First, we determine what to do, you should not:

- To dwell on the negative perception of the situation;
- Ignore stress (even when idle harmless experience can develop into distress);
- To suppress stress (otherwise the problem will remain unsolved, depriving the body a chance to "relax").

It is important to understand the stress must be managed! Once there the situation excites you, you must be sure to do something to solve it . It is important to act, even if the latter does not bring the desired effect.

After the stress should be help the body recover , In other words, relax: at the level of the physiology of muscle tone and to remove neutralize cortisol.

 Be successful - turn stress into energy!

5 effective ways to manage stress

Destroy stress physically!   In times of stress and, especially, in his end, you need to give your body the exercise, which will help relax muscles. If relaxation is not followed, the person will not be able to get out of the state of stress, even if the threat is over. Therefore, a rule of thumb, any negative situation to finish the exercise. After a quarrel with a colleague, you can go outside and walk briskly. Heavy day you can "forget" in the gym, performing strength training, etc.

Zadyshit!   If you "pass the nerves," the wisest solution is to step aside and make 10 deep breaths. Firstly, in this situation, the loading dose of oxygen is not excessive, and secondly, it would promote relaxation.

Zameditiruyte!   Take advantage of the method of meditation that appeals to you: a sound (listen to music), light (look at the soothing color, starry sky, the candle flame) or dance (to dance). The main thing is to stop the flow of negative thoughts.

Speak!   The oldest way of solving the problem would say it. Talk to a close friend, share the situation on the women's forum, or simply talk with the "space".

Set your laughing!   Laughter - one of the best weapons against stress because accelerates the synthesis of serotonin (converter stress hormone). See fascinating comedy or meet up with a person with a great sense of humor and you will see that the problem you "let go."

Psychologists say stress - this is not the situation itself, and our relationship to it. To successfully confront the negative emotions, you need to work on yourself. Remember, stress - it is a potential that can lead you to dizzying success!
Author: Natalia Bartukova