Blinking will!
 Dry eye syndrome many doctors called a disease of civilization. In our time with the SSG 10 faced each inhabitant of the planet. And most often get this syndrome risk office workers, ie people who sit for long periods at a computer.

The sharpness of our view 80% of the tear film on the cornea, which ideally is constantly updated. If the tear film becomes thinner, the nerve endings that permeated the cornea, are beginning to signal the danger.

The same thing happens when the eye gets dust or mote. If missed, it becomes easier.

When dry eye syndrome is either increased dryness or increased tearing, a feeling of "sand" in the eyes, burning sensations, cramps, photophobia, blurred vision. But at first blush may just eyes.

Besides the permanent work at the computer dry eye syndrome can cause permanent wearing soft lenses, which have become so popular over the past decade. Many such lenses are not only for vision correction, but also for the beauty, for example, to change the eye color. A soft lenses cover the entire cornea, as well as a narrow strip of cloth around it, and therefore are in violation of the inflow and outflow of tear fluid.

 Blinking will!

Dry eye occurs when injuries of the cornea, the use of diuretics, anti-allergy, vasoconstrictor drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers, it can be also caused by heredity, as well as certain diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, certain liver diseases.

For dry eyes can cause unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, fatty foods, low consumption of liquid. Harmful not just smoking, but also to be in a smoky room, as well as near an air conditioner, heater, TV.

As the sun dries the cornea, so do not forget the sunglasses. Bright artificial light as nebezvreden for the eyes, especially the limelight.

When the surface of the foodstuff dries out too eyeballs favorable conditions for the development of colonies of microorganisms and begin eating disorders all the tissues of the eye.

What to do?

Of course, should first consult a doctor.

 Blinking will!

Special protection against dry eye in our time are not invented, but there "Artificial tears" That doctor recommends periodically instilled into the eyes. But what kind of drops drip, the doctor picked individually.

And, of course deal with the prevention of disease.

When working at the computer, take breaks every half hour.

Coming from work, do not sit down to a TV or a computer, and it is better to take a walk before going to bed.

Fresh air and the movement itself during walks to help effectively combat dry eyes.

The room, be it an office or apartment, it is necessary, as often as possible, ventilate, and the floor is cleaned with a damp cloth.

The diet is necessary to include fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

It is also well to exercises for the eyes. Complexes can be found on the Internet.

 Blinking will!

And yet all the doctors say you need to blink! And Morgan, as often as possible. This is the simple but very effective exercise. During Blink periocular muscles not only moisturize, but also strengthened.

Traditional medicine recommends to wash eyes infusion of chamomile, eyebright, cornflower blue, calendula and tea. Choose something one use per month, and then replaced by another.

1 teaspoon of dry raw sugar and 1 cup of boiled water, 15-20 minutes, drain and rinse the eyes in the morning and evening. If it is possible, even during the day.

From tea compresses can be done in the evening. Dampen cotton swabs in welding, lie down in a dark room and put tampons on closed eyelids for half an hour.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva