Braces - for health and ... for the style!
 Today, people are paying more attention to dental health. Everybody is trying to become owners of the Hollywood smile, even if the nature of them this is not given. Have you noticed that costs only a smile - and you will feel a special arrangement? Smiling helps to solve various problems, has to itself and brings joy to everyone around. But what if the teeth are misaligned? In this case, to the aid of braces. Do not take them as a nuisance! They can become part of your image. The main thing - the right to choose them and not be afraid to show!

What are braces?

Braces help align the teeth, correct bite. They consist of of locks , Special glue attached to the tooth, and arc Placed in the slots of locks. On the teeth are under pressure, bias and accurately aligning them. Of course, to achieve the desired result, need at least a year, but beautiful teeth will please the rest of your life!

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

Malocclusion - it's just aesthetic problem ? The answer is no. When teeth are uniformly merge, split between the right chewing load. When malocclusion some teeth are overloaded while others are utilized poorly. The pressure exerted by the teeth on each other, can cause their loosening and falling out. Hard mastication may occur disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes it appears clicking in the jaw, and even facial asymmetry.

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

What are braces?

Today, there are many different types of braces. They can choose to suit every taste.

By location   They are:

• vestibular (located on the outside of the teeth);

• ligvalnye (on the inside).

By the time of impact:

• constant (used for adults and children with a pronounced change in the bite);

• removable (used in the early stages).

By type of material:

• Metal (the cheapest and most durable option);

• Plastic;

• ceramic.

By color   Braces may be different. You can choose your favorite shade or use a combination of several colors. Very popular blue, purple, yellow, red and pink.

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

How to choose the braces?

To answer this question, we must deal with all the advantages and disadvantages of different types of braces. Often, the defining moment becomes appearance. It depends on the material used.

The main advantage metal braces   - Affordable price and high reliability. However, for the first time after installation, you may feel irritated gums. Currently, many countries are beginning to be perceived as braces a symbol of security and status   family therefore often preferred metal systems because of their visibility .

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

Ceramic braces   accurate and less visible, but they have a number of disadvantages. They require expensive metal and a longer course of treatment.

Sapphire braces   incredible aesthetic. They are resistant to the formation of plaque and to the action of dyes. They are best used for light-colored teeth. With sapphire brackets must be handled carefully as possible, as they are characterized by high brittleness.

Plastic braces   characterized by a more affordable price than ceramic and sapphire. They are aesthetic and beautiful, but not strong enough and can change the original color, because they can absorb the dyes .

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

For those who prefer invisible braces, is worth pondering lingual version . Their main disadvantages - high cost and problems with diction at the start wearing that last as long as the language does not adapt to the decrease in the volume of the oral cavity.

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

How to properly care for braces?

1. Maintain proper oral hygiene. Thoroughly clean and rinse your teeth after every meal.

2. Cleaning the mouth with braces - not a simple matter. You will need a number of special adaptations. Use special V-shaped toothbrush   with a cut on the bristles, which follows the contours of braces. Horizontal movement, clean the outer surface of the teeth along the arc. Leftover food between teeth to remove with the help of floss . To clean the tooth surface, submerged arc bracket, use brushes .

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

3. Use the tools recommended by your doctor - solutions, rinses.

4. Change diet . Do not eat anything solid and viscous. Eliminate hot and cold food. It is best not to drink coloring beverages (tea, coffee, juice).

 Braces - for health and ... for the style!

Many people are concerned about whether there are any restrictions on the use of braces age? No. Today, it is no surprise people with a plate on the teeth. It is even fashionable and stylish! Once they shyly covered his hand, but now they have become a decoration. Wearing braces can be turned into pleasure. They do not have to be conventional and Below. Braces can be bright and unusual, eye-catching appearance and gives its owner a highlight!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya