Cheer without boredom
 More recently, the birds chirping outside the window, and you went on a date in a cafe, walking in the park, buying fashionable clothes in the boutique, and now - the trip to the doctor, clinic, hospital. Yes, you get sick. Alas, every person, even with the good health, too, sometimes ill. It does not matter whether it is a common cold or an incurable disease, in any case, it brings a huge discomfort in your life. Activity dropped, you can no longer feel like a complete person because of something deprived. For example, a headache - can not work a computer, a broken leg - can not move, etc.

  Run a disease!

It's hard to watch other people happy, when the soul of a "cat scratch". How do you want to eat ice cream, if you have a sore throat, or hug melenko son when sick with influenza, is not it? Yes, sick people always have to give up their desires.

After reading these words, once it becomes a pity themselves - not life and hard labor. Well, if you think so, then the course will be suffering, but they can be avoided and yet make such everyday brighter! You might ask, "Well, how to decorate the gray days when I spend time useless? ". In that you are mistaken. Any religion will confirm that everything that happens in our lives, not just - it's for something you need. Bol, you can also spend their time usefully.

It is important - psychologically correctly configure itself and, above all, stop whining. And most start to live as a healthy person, and to benefit from it. After all, you now have a free minute, you will not have to run, to be doing something all day. It's time to think about what you would like to make of the fact that previously there was no time. For example, maybe you have long thought to have a page on the social network and find their old friends? Or, you wrote poems and wanted to come up with music for them? Is the time to do everything. Let the dreams come true!

 Cheer without boredom

  Any woman always wants to spend a little time on a favorite, but my husband, children, career leave no time for such an opportunity. So use the chance of fate, do not be discouraged with the disease, and to realize their little plans that bring you joy.

  Go to the mirror. Who do you see there: Princess, or a horrible decrepit old lady? What you see there, indicates the condition of your soul, not the body. Set a task to banish disease. Well get dressed, make light make-up (you can use folk remedies, given your illness, cosmetics you can be banned). Yes, it will be easier. For a woman, massage, beauty salon and a shopping trip - a stress reliever. Especially when he saw himself in the mirror beautiful, you yourself had never want to hurt longer.

  Things to do in time of illness?

Lying on the bed, entertain yourself is not difficult, but you only need your imagination. Maybe you've always wanted to share with someone their feelings, but he knew people were not around. Keep a journal, try to create a novel, write a letter to someone. Surely, you've been thinking to do, is not it?

Remember how you were jealous of her grandmother, who always has time to watch TV series. Now you can watch them with her, or, if you're not interested, then a great choice: movies, news, shows, TV. Well, to be honest, instructive series now a little, so that the benefit from them is not very much, but sometimes, to relax and get away from the bustle, their view is useful.

Grandma is in our age did not have a TV, but read clever books. They knew the famous classics, went to the performances. Among today's young people are unlikely to find such interest in intellectual development. But the time is not now, aching, increase their knowledge, having been engaged in reading books?

 Cheer without boredom

Well, of course, it is worth mentioning the beauty. It has long wanted to make yourself a manicure and nail paint some pattern? Full speed ahead, do gymnastics do hairstyle, new clothes kroite, sheathe beads belt, and more! Create comfort in the house, embroider cloth, paint pictures.

Ways to spend time usefully, you can think of many. Allow yourself to even deal with the same things that healthy people - sing a song, dance, talk on the phone, cook a tasty meal, make repairs, learn a foreign language ... and the important factor on the road to recovery is a sense: spend a lot of time with your loved ones, as well as the loved ones - they are your support.

When addicted really something, do not forget to be treated, still need to follow the recommendations of the doctor and taking medication.

Recharge yourself positive!

Do not succumb to the disease. Remember that is a struggle for your healing. With all the forces, no matter what you are ill, you try to be healthy. Be wiser and more cunning insidious disease. Think only about the good, about what you do and after recovery; of what are lacking health. Think of the future with the most beautiful hand, dreams of a beautiful, down the problem, life goes on! Appreciate every moment, live in vain, rejoice in his, even small victories on the way to health.

 Cheer without boredom

The disease can give you a chance to look into his soul experiences. Change in itself that disturbs. Improve your inner world, dragging something, and just relax. Do not kill for that sick, do not worry, that something did not get. It's not all finished, you will have more chance to get it in the future.

Almost everything that happens to us, blame ourselves, in sickness as well. Can not eat, nervous peretrudilis etc. Rather, it is. So that the body needs rest, not gloom! Spend time with benefit and recover.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch