Dystonia: how to live with it?
 We so often hear the diagnosis of "vegetative dystonia" which perceive this disease as something normal. Indeed, according to doctors, the number suffering from the IRR stubbornly close to 75% of the population! And twice as likely to get sick, it is women, and for them is a violation of particularly unpleasant, as some symptoms negatively affect the appearance. What are the symptoms of VSD and how to regain health and beauty? Today we'll talk about it.

Symptoms of VSD

Even an experienced doctor can not always immediately make such a diagnosis as the IRR. The fact is that this violation is accompanied by a large number of symptoms, namely, there are more than 150! Therefore, most people unsuccessfully treated by different specialists from non-existent diseases. And sometimes only the council of physicians is the true cause of poor health. So, what are the main symptoms of the disorder in the autonomic nervous system? We can talk about the possibility of VSD, if you see yourself:

• Dizziness and headaches.

• Strong causeless weakness, sometimes numb limbs felt tingling in fingers and toes. After a long stay in the cold finger is observed puffiness.

• sallow skin. Often such deterioration appearance go hand in hand with insomnia, and sometimes fainting.

• Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, most commonly such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, pain in the pancreas. As a result of such violations deteriorating skin rash or peeling occurs. You may also see overweight, flabby skin and cellulite.

• suddenly and without reason arises anxiety and panic attacks. Quite often a person has obsessive phobia.

• hand tremor worsens the coordination of movements.

• The rush of heat to the face, resulting in a person acquires a red tint. Or, conversely, the face of blood casts. This is due to the irregular pressure. By the way for those suffering from the IRR, it is also characteristic of a marble pattern on the skin.

• Sudden change in weather can knock you off track and deny health.

 Dystonia: how to live with it?

Prevention and treatment of VSD

Sometimes the IRR is a hereditary problem, but it happens that people get IRR in adulthood. As a rule, this is due to unhealthy lifestyle, diet and low physical activity. Therefore, in the form of prevention may be advisable to reconsider their rhythm of life and consider the following items are necessary for our health and beauty:

• The daily eight-hour sleep on orthopedic mattress and well-ventilated area;

• Hiking in the fresh air;

• Balanced diet;

• Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as reducing the amount of drinking coffee;

• Strengthening of the cardiovascular system with foods rich in potassium;

• hardening and moderate exercise;

• Avoid stress and protection against viral infections.

 Dystonia: how to live with it?

As for medical treatment, then it can only appoint a doctor. The most frequently prescribed drugs with sedative effects, and antidepressants, but they are accepted on an individual scheme, as can be addictive. As an auxiliary means may be used herbal therapy.

When IRR is used in folk medicine to cleanse the blood vessels infusions, as well as to strengthen the heart, sedative infusions (motherwort). Good effect is therapeutic exercise, but exercise should be smooth, excluding jumps and sharp attacks. Sometimes the treatment should seek help from a psychologist, is especially true for those who are often subject to stress and suffer from panic attacks.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya