Help with sunstroke
 "Oh, summer red! I would have loved you,
It was not the heat, but the dust, but the mosquitoes and flies. "

There are few people who, like Alexander Pushkin, do not favor the summer and prefer autumn and winter. Most of us start dreaming about the summer from the beginning of November, and who and October.

Summer in central Russia time to time is not necessary, and we are all in a hurry to take advantage of hot sunny days, often forgetting to take security measures. Some sunning on the beach, someone working in the country, someone just goes on tour. And, sadly, the sun or heat stroke can wait for a man, wherever there is sun.

The risk, according to experts, include small children, teenagers, the elderly, too thin or too full, natural and dyed blonde woman after forty, as well as people with a bald head. These people often in the sun is a violation of circulation.

- The first symptoms of heat stroke are weakness, ringing in the ears, dark circles before the eyes, dizziness, headache.

- Then quickens the pulse and respiration, the pressure drops, there are severe muscle pain throughout the body.

- Blush face, fever, cramps can begin, the person loses consciousness.

First aid
- If someone close to fainting, it is necessary to undo the clothes to have the opportunity to free breathing.
- Under the head of a downed man needs something to enclose at least the clothes, towel or blanket folded roll.
- On the forehead, in the region of the heart should put a towel or cloth soaked with cool, but not ice-cold water. Ice can not be put as an abrupt change in temperature may cause spasm of blood vessels and heart failure.

 Help with sunstroke
   When sunstroke person can not pour cold water or a hose or a bucket, you can not swim in the pool, bath, river, sea.

- If the person is conscious, then you need to give him a drink of mineral water without gas, the usual boiled water with lemon juice or lime juice, cranberry juice, a weak peppermint tea.
- Experts recommend giving as saline solution - 1chaynaya spoon in a glass of boiled water ostuzhennoy.
- Do not give sugary drinks, tea, coffee, cola, alcohol.
- Do not try to pour the liquid into his mouth a man, if he is unconscious, the liquid can get into the windpipe and the man suffocate.
- If nausea makes tea out of mint, vomiting to avoid dehydration, give a pharmaceutical preparation rehydron, which is diluted in water.

And everyone who goes for a walk or to the beach on a hot day, you must first think about how to protect themselves from sunstroke.

- In the country should be run in the morning and in the evening, wearing a hat on his head.

- Coming out of the house in the heat, do not wear tight-fitting clothing and clothing made of synthetics. The body needs to breathe, it is suitable for clothing made from natural fabrics.

- Houses of the stuffiness saving air conditioner if it is not, you should use the grandmother's ways:
• During summer heat the window to be curtain blackout curtains in the doorways doors hang sheets soaked with water, better dressing, they retain moisture longer.
• It is recommended to place in the apartment as many containers with water. If you can fill the ice, for example, in a bowl, and set near the place of work or leisure, a distance of about 1 meter.

- In hot weather it is recommended to give up meat, fat, smoked, fried, sweet. And eat more plant foods - fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits. Useful as milk products and home brew.

- Shower in the heat better helps warm, the bath with the addition of herbs, the same mint, help to maintain the tone.

- Sleep helps evening bath with the addition of a small amount of broth valerian root.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva