How to remove toxins from the body
 Have you celebrate at headaches, nervousness, deterioration of the skin, without objective reasons? If so, in most cases, these troubles show accumulation of toxins in your body. Harmful substances act in us quietly, but health hit without warning! We learn more about the beauty of our enemies, and understand what to do next.

As toxins enter into us

The main reasons that help to accumulate toxins - poor quality food and an unhealthy lifestyle. In particular:

• food poisoning spoiled food, poisonous mushrooms, improperly cooked meat;
• poor diet, hard diet;
• unboiled water;
• poor environment, especially in urban areas;
• alcohol, smoking;
• the use of cosmetics, household chemicals containing parabens, humidifiers;
• Activities helminths (parasitic worms);
• disturbances in metabolism and other diseases.

The dangerous toxins

The general mechanism of exposure to toxins in the body is as follows: over the years accumulated in the tissues, blood, lymph, they will gradually penetrate into the cells, breaking down the structure. This is a direct path to the dangerous diseases.

If we look in more detail, the toxins:

1) reduce the protective functions of the organism. It is fraught with an acute course of the disease, a long recovery and lack of energy, sleepiness and fatigue;
2) damage red blood cells;
3) "give" unhealthy skin color, irritation and allergies;
4) make the hair sparse, thin, dull;
5) cause rapid aging.

Getting rid of toxins

It is not necessary to wait for the external manifestations of the action of toxins. It is better now to adopt the advice of cleansing the body and apply them to life. Moreover, there is nothing complicated about them.

 How to remove toxins from the body


A sort of "broom" for the gut it is fiber found in fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, bran and sauerkraut. A daily consumption of apples during the month will give you a perfect reflection in the mirror! Just wash your fruit, pre-peel clean off from them.

Review the approach to the preparation of meat instead of frying chicken, fish and beef is better to boil or bake. Avoid shops "specialties", rich in artificial additives and colorings.

Water - life

Toxins can not stand the liquid exempting them from the body. Therefore, drink more water, forgetting about the tea, coffee and packaged beverages. As a complement, allowed green tea or herbal tea.

 How to remove toxins from the body

Days unloading

Regular rest once per week, giving a boost to self-cleansing of the digestive system. Choose a fasting day to your taste: fruit, vegetable, dairy.


In the fight against the toxins it would be nice to get regular physical activity that you like. Principle is formed by muscle lactic acid binds harmful substance and is responsible for their intensive excretion.

 How to remove toxins from the body

Visit baths or saunas

Help to fight toxins become their excretion through the skin by means of steam. If you can not regularly visit this temple of health, fit bath with the addition of sea salt.

 How to remove toxins from the body

Medicinal herbs

Our nature is generous on herbs to help bring the harmful toxins. For example, it is the petals of calendula, oats, black currant leaves, leaves of bilberry. You can choose to collect the raw materials or use ready-made teas pharmacy. Note that the effect is noticeable if the herbal tea drink for at least 2 months.

The drugs from the pharmacy

Assistant in the fight against the hated pests and female beauty are the funds from the pharmacy - sorbents. The most popular of them - Enterosgel, Smecta, Filtrum, conventional activated carbon   and several others. Do not forget to look into before buying instructions.

Following these simple tips will help you maintain excellent form, contribute to a good mood and delight in the mirror. However, after cleansing the body of toxins is not necessary to re-load himself unwholesome food and go back to the way of life is far from perfect. Suppose that a balanced diet and the new habits become your companion for life!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya