If bleeding gums
 One day, not the most beautiful day, when brushing your teeth, you can detect blood. But do not panic: not in every case, bleeding gums tells of the terrible threat to your smile. But do not go to the other extreme: these "bells" of the body can not be ignored or self-medicate. Let's find out, which can cause bleeding gums and how to proceed.

The reasons for bleeding gums:

Errors in care of the teeth

Perhaps you are too userdstvuete when brushing your teeth or a new toothbrush has high rigidity. Also, bleeding may be due to cut the gums dental floss or toothpick. If you wear dentures, make sure they are properly installed. In all these cases, treatment is not required, and tooth loss situation is not threatened. Suffice it more delicately handle the oral cavity. If proper care, bleeding occurs again, you should make an appointment with the dentist.

The presence of tartar

Plaque - solid deposits at the base of the teeth, arising because of the irregular and improper brushing. As a consequence, it becomes inflamed tissues around the teeth, which causes the blood near the gums. To discover this problem only by a doctor, and self can lead to serious consequences for the smiles. Up to the loss of teeth!

Gum disease

The main of them - periodontitis and gingivitis. For the first characterized by bleeding gums, at any time of the day. The second Signs are swollen and painful gums, wobbly teeth.

 If bleeding gums

Diseases of the body and its special status

Sometimes, the body sends signals through the gums, in the case of diseases such as anemia, diabetes, leukemia, scurvy, infections of the oral cavity. Hormonal disruptions, such as pregnancy, can also cause bleeding of the gums. Smokers also know this problem is due to poor absorption of vitamin C.

How to solve a problem

1. go to the doctor

Lovely woman, do not have self-diagnosis, but leave this to a specialist. Lost wasted time could result in loss of teeth. So go straight to the dentist. After the establishment of the true cause of bleeding gums is further defined scope of work. This could be a referral to a therapist to establish the internal causes of disease, and removing dental plaque and the use of pharmaceutical drugs at home until the antibiotics. More often than prescribed gels rubbed into the gums, bleeding from the paste together with mouthwash.

2. Traditional medicine to help

Herbs are a good help to the treatment prescribed by a doctor, and together with it give a very good result. The most visible effect is given sage, pharmacy chamomile, oak bark, thanks to its healing, firming and anti-microbial properties. Most often they are used for rinsing after eating. The pharmacy sells ready-made raw materials, and a method for preparing decoctions and infusions is indicated on the packaging.

 If bleeding gums

The best treatment - prevention

To avoid repetitions "bloody" history after treatment, roll force on prevention:

• Do not forget to brush your teeth after meals. It sounds cliche, but a lot in a hurry this is neglected;

• Use rinse the mouth after brushing to prevent tartar;

• gently get rid of food particles between your teeth using dental floss;

• 2 times a year, remove the tartar in the dentist's office;

• Give up smoking;

• Eat more raw fruits and vegetables, especially rich in vitamin C.

 If bleeding gums

Bleeding gums - this is not a sentence. Be reasonable, do not waste time in the hope of an independent solution to this problem, in time, contact your dentist. A reward you for the effort to be a dazzling smile. For healthy gums - a beautiful teeth!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya