Laugh, right, is not a sin, and very good!
 Laughter phenomenon is complex and even somewhat mysterious. According to modern research, laughter arose from a common ancestor of man and apes for a long time, the range of opinions from 4 to 10 million. Years ago. Why and for what purpose wise nature has given us this tool is not yet entirely clear, but that does not prevent us from using it - to express emotions overflowing, to relieve muscle clips in a psychological discharge, and to set the mood. Laughter, which, in essence, is a kind of physiological act, consists of certain respiratory and related facial expressions, and can be regarded as a certain kind of breathing exercises. In any case, this possibility - a good laugh - brings invaluable benefits to our health.

Laugh - it's great!

Laughter, sincere, free, joyous, - releases huge amounts of energy, rejuvenates and heals us, makes it possible to throw off the heaviness accumulated thoughts, problems years.

Learning laugh, and aspects of its impact on the health and well-being, science gelotologiya. And it turns out it's not just a laugh a psychological discharge, laughing all wonderful doctor. People who laugh a lot and sincerely have more chances to have a good slim figure and a strong immune system, healthy heart. Laughing, we reduce the pressure, lower the blood sugar by stimulating the bowels. Why is this happening?

When we laugh, after a long sigh follows a series of continuing for a long time sometimes short spasmodic exhalation with an open glottis; If the vocal cords are thus in an oscillatory motion, it turns loud laughter (laughter); If the ligaments are not affected, the laughter of a quiet, silent. Due to the intensity of breathing during laughter is a full exemption from the lungs of air, blood flow to the brain increases, and the cells of the gray matter of the brain receive a large dose of oxygen. As a result, it runs fatigue, headaches, improves blood circulation in the vessels, cleared the upper respiratory tract. Lymphocytes - blood cells that fight infections and viruses are also heavily produced during laughter, and it turns out that laughter enhances immunity.

 Laugh, right, is not a sin, and very good!

Our life is full of stress, causes elevated levels of the hormone cortisol, which is called - "stress hormone" .  Its function is to regulate blood pressure, metabolism of glucose, insulin, blood sugar balance, inflammatory reactions and immune functions .  Cortisol is definitely an important hormone, but if it is too much it becomes harmful .  With smehoterapii, we can reduce the level of cortisol and other hormones, epinephrine, to normal levels .  Furthermore, during laughter produced neuropeptides, endorphins, serotonin, creating a human sense of satisfaction that harmonizes the general condition of the person, improves blood circulation and metabolism .  When we laugh - quickens the heartbeat, we get rid of cholesterol in the blood vessels dilate - and reduced pressure .  "Tears of laughter from the belly" we stimulate the smooth muscles of the intestine and thereby improve the performance of your bowel . 

Weight Loss fun!

Does laughter and the process of burning calories in the body. Research results surprise and delight, experts argue convincingly - excess weight from the body can "make fun". The truth is the question, why then among hohotushek cheerful, so many women with a curvy shape, because they are so many and sincerely laughing ?!

It seems to me it's all about character - swingers, fun and "avidly" pertaining to life, and laugh and eat like an equally strong. It turns out that all of the calories that they "make fun", they immediately make up for what some goodies.

  If you laughed merrily ten or fifteen minutes, and then ate a 50 gram chocolate, then in principle there is nothing you have purchased and is not lost, in terms of calories. So in the diet is of paramount importance yet of dietary energy and laughter therapy helper factor, a kind of fitness. It is believed that when a person laughs, 80 muscles of the body work! And if you'll laugh and have fun for an hour, then spend the same amount of energy as when jogging at a good pace. It turns out that laughter - not an easy job for our body.

 Laugh, right, is not a sin, and very good!

Laugh and good!

Laughter - a beautiful face-Building, are forced to work the facial muscles, strengthening them, slows the aging process. When you are sad, facial muscles sag and become flabby, and when laughing - lifted and are set in motion. Ten-minute "charge" provides a rush of laughter blood to the skin, and therefore, it additional power, returns elasticity, gives the skin a healthy glow. But that's not all, studies have shown that the laughter of the muscles of the face are specific impulses that are beneficial to the nervous system and the brain, relieving tension, restoring peace and well-being. And do not be afraid of wrinkles, allegedly arising from laughing at first, elastic skin better resists wrinkles, and secondly, it is better laugh lines than deep wrinkles and folds sadness grief, or the mask of indifference.

  We laugh a little terrifying, perhaps, why the early age ... Children laugh 20 times more than adults, but over the years we all laugh harder. We listen to jokes, and laugh, watch comedy and laugh, it reached the point that we in the background suggest the places where you need to laugh. But once we were able to laugh just because "smeshinka hit in the mouth!" Maybe try to bring back the lost capacity?

Laughter without reason - a sign of a responsible attitude to health!

In Western culture of laughter, it is assumed that laughter should be encouraged - humor, jokes, clowning, and other things. Laughter without reason is considered to be, at best, a sign, you know what, and at worst, a mental disorder.

In the east, the attitude to laughter has always been somewhat different. And in 1995, a doctor from Mumbai, Madan Kataria made a discovery that artificial laughter has the same effect on the body, as well as sincere. In 1996, he proposed a system that combines elements of yoga, including breathing exercises, pull-ups, and elements of relaxation with a laugh. The name of this technique - hasya yoga (yoga of laughter), and it becomes more and more popular in different countries. Exercises school return us reflex, inherent nature of laughter, like a child, teach people laugh right at ease and often.

 Laugh, right, is not a sin, and very good!

The basic idea - that each of us can learn to consciously laugh without having any particular reason .  In the beginning the students do special exercises depict laughter in different situations, in contact with partners, trying to behave fun .  Even if the first man was not going to laugh, then after a few minutes simulate laughter already genuinely and happily laughing himself, and after a while it becomes a laugh really genuine and contagious .  It truly is difficult to maintain the seriousness of looking at how your training partners laughing, trying to portray laughing sneakers, merry door lock or laughing mice and bears, or simulate the application on the face cream forcing smile .  Therefore, Laughter Yoga teaches people to move from the artificial to the natural laugh, and that's the main purpose of occupation .  But what is the use of laughter, we already know! Laughter yoga - the same breathing exercises .  Moreover, it turns out different keys laughter affects the different organs .  For example, a low "ho ho" - on abdominal organs, "ha ha" stimulate the heart, and high-pitched sounds "giggle" important for the blood supply of the brain and throat . 

Well, whatever it was, I laugh and smile more often - for prevention and treatment, health and beauty! Laughter is and healer and nutritionist, cosmetologist, and the only side effects from its use - in a good mood!
Author: Olga Travleeva