Learn from children
 Looking at the baby only once, the soul becomes lighter, immediately there is a feeling of tenderness and ethereal love. After all, little kids - they are like angels who bear the particle of bright light in this world. And we adults forget what had once been so, but, becoming independent, lost what was given to us as a child, for example, the feeling of joy. So, where is she this joy?


Young children are able to enjoy much more often than adults. Tiny laughs 300 times per day, adult same smiling, on average, only a total of 15 times per day. Alas, but less joy in humans, the greater the disease. Laugh - it's immune reaction of the body to handle stress. It was fun lovers are sick much less often bored. Cheerful people viruses bypassed on the grounds that the joy a person increases the body's resistance to any disease. It is a scientifically proven fact.

  And, not least, the news is that joy is reduced blood sugar levels, so diabetics sweet tooth, just need to laugh a lot. And also, improves blood circulation and the respiratory tract. So smile is equivalent to a walk in the woods, and a 5-minute relaxation 80 muscles in laughter replaces the 40 minutes of rest. And the work also includes the muscles of the back and legs, which replaces the half-hour fitness.

  The women smile adorns makes attractive. Agree, very few people who like gloomy. Laughter also helps rejuvenation, wrinkles, and easily replaces the facial massage. It also improves the figure, promotes weight loss. During laughter improves heart rate and lowers blood cholesterol. Smile - it's the best option for those who do not have enough time for themselves.

  But, alas, it has a laugh and contraindications. There are differences in blood pressure: first rises and then decreases. Highly desirable to laugh after the operation, in diseases of the intestine and heart. There are also diseases that require calm the body, so you need to smile, but do not laugh till you drop.

 Learn from children

Merry charge

Please note that all little children are always interesting, they are happy to learn to swim, play football, ride a bike, and the enthusiasm with which they love to do morning exercises. That is not true of adults who are so lazy to get up early and run a couple of kilometers. And much of the talk of the morning exercises can not be considered. And immediately these excuses: "I'm at work all day, come home exhausted, and so the oncoming, it is necessary to sleep, why bother charging? ". Of course, in today's world everything is not enough time, but for your health may still be to find him?

Any lessons over a effortless. At first it may be a great desire to train, but a few days will come discouragement, fatigue and boredom. "And why is it necessary? Tired! "- You might say.

  It turns out that it is the monotony and laziness are the first hurdles for gymnastics. Remember how the kids easily into any game, creating diversity. At heart we left some bit of childhood, we are also constantly want something new. Therefore it is necessary to find a way to do the exercises more interesting and exciting. For children there are songs and games, for adults do nothing?

  Here are some ways to diversify exercises:

1. Do not do it alone, get a partner - it will be much more exciting and fun. You will support each other, compare their achievements and to make observations, if the exercises are done correctly. In this case, you get the best results from their efforts.

2. You can do exercises to music. Pick and choose what style you like. Slow music is unlikely to make you more mobile, best suited for dancing.

3. If the classes are conducted in a simulator, is at home, you can easily watch your favorite movie at the same time.

4. Play with your children if you have them. Choose mobile games - it's very useful. Among other things, you will remember childhood and interact with their child.

5. Swimming, water aerobics are also considered species of exercise. Even if you can not use the swimming pool, you can purchase a children's pool in which you put and do carry out the procedure at home.

Taking into account these recommendations, you will improve the condition of his body, fill yourself with joy and positive. Learning from children, can improve the shape and relieve stress. Memorize these small actions, share them with your friends - not so difficult as it seems. His peace can vary. After charging the fun you will not feel tired, but rather a healthy fall asleep soundly.

 Learn from children

From the author

Be like children. Catch the moment and enjoy it without remembering the past and not worrying about what awaits you in the future - tomorrow take care of itself. After all, kids do not have problems, take care of them adults, so children are joyful and easier to look at life. Of course, adults have to take care of themselves, but it is better to know that and you also still worried mother, even if she was an old, favorite, friend, brother, sister - in short, some of your loved one. And yet, all of us care about God, and He will never care what happens to us.

  So let us be, at least in the soul, little children - trust, love and give her warmth to others.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch