Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!
 As we know, the sea is composed of droplets forest - from individual trees, as a whole - from the smallest detail. Likewise, every detail, even the most seemingly small, has an impact on women's beauty - and it is not only in cosmetics. It is known that our attractiveness influence stress, food, leisure, we receive news ... Healthy sleep - another important factor. And that night's rest and was actually given a full and healthy relaxation, doctors advise ... to take care of the cushion on which we sleep.

Orthopedic pillow: for health and beauty

Our body is designed so that in a horizontal position for a healthy sleep is necessary to enclose the head of a small raised support - pillow. But, surprisingly, we are used to cushion padding - down or feathers - suitable for this purpose weak. And the thing - in their excessive softness. No wonder even with large soft cushions in a dream many placed under the head of the hand - our body instinctively "looking for" a suitable healthy support - tougher.

 Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!

In Ancient Egypt, the master came up with a special stand made of wood, on which were placed the head during sleep to eliminate and prevent back pain and cervical spine. In addition, the cervical vertebrae because of the uncomfortable posture or lifting the head can receive the extra load that leads to persistent pain.
Choosing the right pillow - the need not only for health but also for beauty, because improper posture leads to unwanted wrinkles. Do not be surprised: many women wrinkles appear because of improper and unnatural position of the head and neck while you sleep!

 Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!

To sleep sweet: how to choose an orthopedic pillow?

1. Pay attention to the width of the shoulders - what they are larger, the higher the pillow. It is especially important to observe this rule, if you often sleep on your side.

2. If you are used to sleeping on your back or stomach, the pillow should be low.

3. If you are sleeping on a soft mattress, also prefers the lower cushion. If you sleep on a hard surface, it is better to choose a high pillow.

Please note the following:

• If, when you lie down on the pillow, I want to put a hand under his head or under the pillow, then it is too low.

• If the morning neck or headache, stiffens the upper body, it can also indicate too low pillow or mattress is too firm.

Determine the length and width

This criterion when choosing a pillow - the easiest. Choose need something that fits the width of the bed, especially if you get two of these pillows. Please note that the airbag does not protrude beyond the edges of the mattress.

The only thing that can be difficult - is the selection of cases for the orthopedic pillows. As part of the product it has a non-standard sizes, making it sometimes difficult. The fact that the majority of the length of the cushion varies between 40 and 80 cm, width - between 30 and 50 cm. Standard dimensions are the same pillowcases 50 x 70 and 70 x 70.

Being at the right height!

The standard height of orthopedic pillows varies from 6 to 16 cm. For most people it is enough to 10-14 cm. In order to determine the height more precisely measure the distance from the base of the neck to the edge of the shoulder. However, calculating every millimeter is not necessary - because the cushion is mainly made fairly soft, 1-2 cm not play a significant role.

 Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!

In specialty stores often offer even lie down and try a pillow that says, in effect. If in doubt, you picked the right height of its acquisition, prefer cushion capable of changing its height: such an effect is achieved through 1-2 layers of foam, which is placed under the pillow in a pillowcase. Sometimes that is more suitable for relaxation tall version pillows and sleeping - the lower, so at night, many take out the foam insert. This is done easily and quickly.

 Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!

Shaped fun!

A little about the form of pillows. Today, in specialized stores you can see two forms of pillows: classic shape with a recess for the head of the orthopedic center and form - with one or two rollers under the neck.

 Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!

 Let the pillow will be a girlfriend!

The main thing here - neck support that will be carried out, and in fact, and in another case.

Remember, the ideal option is to acquire not only an orthopedic pillow under his head, but also buy orthopedic mattress.

Sweet Dreams!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya