Overdue cosmetics
 Women love to please myself buying new cosmetics. But gradually the amount of cosmetics is increasing, and this leads to the fact that not all funds are used. What if all the dresser already made to different means?

Most of the ladies to forget that even the expensive advertised means have a shelf life. Cosmetics, as well as food products, should be used to a certain time, then it just might be dangerous for the skin. Do not use cosmetics on the box after a specified period, even if you think that with the means everything is in order.

How do you know that cosmetics deteriorated

Find out whether you can use cosmetics is fairly simple. The most familiar way: to specify an expiration date. If he erased, and cosmetics produced by the brand name that you trust and you can specify the date of the company's website. Each cream, tonic or spray there is a period when it is useful for the skin.

Often people do not use the means that are sold in stores. Today is a great variety of creams that are made by hand. They are not always the date. Then you need to pay attention to the content. If there was a strange smell, not even a strong, changed the texture of the funds was a different color, dispose of this tool without regret. Any such changes indicate that the use of the composition is very dangerous.

As of the expiration date may report skin. It happens that the term is not known, but the sight and smell okay. Then you should apply a little of the substance on the skin. Better the crook of the elbow to the wrist or behind the ears. At these points, the skin is thin and reacts quickly to remedy. If a rash, redness, peeling, or any other discomfort - not a health risk, dispose of the test jar.

 Overdue cosmetics

What threatens the use of expired cosmetics?

Any cosmetics created from materials harmless to health. Even if the cream has worn, it will not cause serious illness, so do not get too scared. But allergic to a similar product is possible. Rash, irritation, redness can be caused by an expired material, but usually, after the application, everything passes.

When the cosmetics are not corresponds to the period of validity, primarily lost its effect. Firming, moisturizing, toning, and other means of influence simply stop working. Lost nutrients, and therefore the use of them decreases.

In cosmetics, which are not stored according to the rules, for example, in a very hot room, may develop mold, fungi, bacteria. Here they can cause skin diseases. Eczema, rashes, acne and redness - it is something that can be caused by similar means.

Which beauty products can be dangerous?

There is no single answer that is more dangerous: cream, or deodorant. We can not say what the bacteria multiply better, so beauticians recommend regularly sort through cosmetics. Check the expiration date on the shampoos, shower gels, creams, tonics and eyeliner.

It is not necessary to acquire future use sunscreen, because, after the expiry date, they cease to perform its primary task - to protect from the sun. And while the cream, as such, is not fraught with the danger of sunburn he saves, but can cause peeling.

 Overdue cosmetics

If you are sure overdue loose powder could not conceal the danger, you are deeply mistaken. It at ease and feel at ease and multiply our smaller brethren - mites. They are easy to get on the skin surface, causing seborrheic dermatitis.

Cosmetics for the eyes, for example mascara, can cause dangerous disease - keratitis, that is inflammation of the cornea. In order not to expose themselves to danger, get rid of mascara year after its acquisition.

Eyeliner, lipstick and nail store no more than two years. But if a year has passed and you have not use, test on a small area of ​​the body, to see the reaction of the skin.

Regularly check the suitability of all means to always get the expected good effect of the purchased assets, but not terrible surprises.
Author: Marina Sun