Sand pours, and health is ...
 Sand in our minds is usually associated with something pleasant, such as vacation, holidays. Or with memories of childhood, when almost all of us were building sand castles, and all sorts of fortress. But it turns out that the usual sea or river sand can improve the health of nerves and serve beauty.

On a warm, sun-warmed sand walk barefoot.   Probably everyone knows that on the feet is a huge number of hotspots that are associated with the various organs of our body. And that's when we walk barefoot on the sand, these points are massaged and beneficial to our bodies.

Also train themselves arch of the foot, have to work those muscles and that when our sedentary life are rarely involved. If you walk barefoot in the sand, or the edge of the sand and water every day at least half an hour, you can get rid of flatfoot. But you need to start training with a 5-10 minutes and add 10 minutes each day.

The beach is useful to just lie down on the warm sand.   This is especially useful in osteochondrosis and tendency to colds. However, we must remember that for a long time lying in the sun can not. For the procedure of 10-15 minutes a day is enough.

But if the sun is gone, and the sand was warm, you can soak a little longer, this along with the nervous system, stress corrupted, will be restored. To do this, you just need to lie down on the sand on the back, close your eyes and relax. Breathing should be slow. In order to better relax, you can first stretch the whole body, and then gradually "let go" power, starting with the fingertips and mentally rising slowly, higher and higher, until you relax the legs, hips, back, arms, neck, eyes , forehead and whole face. We must discard all the thoughts and to listen only to the whisper of rolling waves. However, opt for this procedure should be a quiet place where one does not jump through you and do not play loud music. If you do this for 20-24 days every day, the rest can return to a fully rested and full of energy.

 Sand pours, and health is ...
 To get rid of cellulite and to give the skin smoothness   it is recommended to dig in the sand for 10-15 minutes. The course of 15 treatments every 1-2 days.

And yet, experts recommend ... build castles in the sand . You can join in the game with the kids or with your loved one. The hands as well as feet and are active points associated with the whole body, and a grain of sand, caressing the palm of your hand, stimulate the nerve endings, bringing not only fun, but also health. Scientists say that being engaged in molding sand, we are launching a process of self healing of the body. Psychologists say that if you go back to the child's play and start building the city of sand, it is possible to achieve sustainable strengthening of the nervous system, to get rid of the effects of stress and even depression.

More, of course, the sand is useful to play different ball games   and just run and jump or the like, especially in the morning and evening hours. But all this can be done only if the beach is clean and meet all sanitary standards. The dirty sand is often inhabited by the larvae of worms that can enter the body and start to develop.

 Sand pours, and health is ...
 Hygiene on the beach :
- Even relaxing on the beach clean, no need to touch the person, there is unwashed hands.
- Returning home from the beach, you need to take a warm shower for 1-2 minutes and let cool water.
- On the skin can cause a special cream or lubricate the body usually olive oil with the addition of 1-2 drops of essential oil of lavender, rosemary, jasmine, rose.

If you observe these simple rules, the rest in the sand near the water will bring not only experience that will warm in the cold winter months, but also tempered the health and rejuvenate the skin.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva