Summer fling
 "It's better to miss the grace, charm than get stuck in."
(modern proverb)

Summer! That the birds fly north in the spring and summer of Russian women fly to the south.

If earlier the dearest place on earth seemed to rest Crimea, Georgia, the Russian Caucasus, now the majority of women to rest and love go to the Turkish coast ... or in Egypt, at least in other exotic countries.

And there on the sultry eastern Lovelace lose their heads not only the naive girl, lonely ladies of middle age, but mature married matron. It is understandable, after our long winters, plain everyday work, overexposed family responsibilities, endless household loads, I want to throw off the usual boring look, like a snake old skin, and feel relaxed, light-minded, young, taste the forbidden fruit for a while plunged in a romantic relationship.

Good or bad, it is difficult to judge. Especially condemned starved for male affection of women is not necessary. But women themselves need to realize that a holiday romance is not just a fairy tale, painted with bright colors emotional, it is also a certain risk.

 Summer fling
   Therefore, if a woman focuses on a holiday romance, it must prepare for the fact that these relations will be short-lived and not to non-binding. As they say in a movie: "Weddings will not be! ". Yes, yes, according to statistics, the wedding ends with only 1% of the resort's novels. Although the same statistics, 90% of women dream to meet the resort companion for life. So to save the nervous system, going to the resort, rose-colored glasses should be left at home, and with a capture only dark from the sun.

Even on vacation woman must take care not to get traumatized and lose physical health. Folk wisdom says that "still waters are found devils" and worldly wisdom says that it is in the resorts are found swindlers of all shades. This virtuoso marriage scams and seductive Alfonso, crooks of all kinds stripes, sexual perverts and maniacs.

If a woman is not going to join with a man in an intimate relationship, then retire to him not worth it. Particularly intemperate one can make sex against the wishes of women and even cause it blows.

In no case should not a man to drink local drinks, to wake up in the morning not in an unknown place in the company of someone unknown.

But most of all there are so-called Casanova, from which women need one-time sex. And behold, a woman, fascinated by this man, is thrown in the morning and sees that its "prynts" already courting her neighbor. As a result, many impressionable ladies get their decline in female self-esteem and begin to suffer, rather than to relax and enjoy the sea, palm trees and warm sand. In addition to "a broken heart" holiday romance could threaten the physical health of women.

Experts advise to always carry a condom and never engage in unprotected sex with unfamiliar men. After all, the result may be not only pregnant, but also to get a whole range of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. According to experts it is the condom protects against all these troubles is almost 100%. So romantic romance and common sense and caution has not been canceled.

 Summer fling
 However, some diseases are transmitted through kissing, even - tuberculosis, herpes, syphilis, colds infectious diseases ...

In any case, if the holiday has passed rapidly, for your own peace of mind should pass appropriate tests. This will help to sleep, and in the case of bad luck quickly heal and avoid complications.

Statistics confirm that after the summer holidays increases the number of divorces ... Psychologists advise in any case not to talk to her husband and a regular partner of their holiday adventures and quickly out of my mind and heart a fleeting fad.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva