Summer problems: coping with a swollen face, swelling and bloating
 Why do we sometimes inflates like a balloon? Yesterday you were happy their ease, and the next day everything can be very different: the ring can not be removed with the finger, barely buttoned jeans, his feet swollen and do not fit in sandals ... What can you do?

Several problems, but only two reasons, the main ones: is the formation of gas in the digestive tract and the delay of excess fluid. If swelling - your constant difficulty, the cause and the solution is likely to call the doctor. We talk about a state where the swelling and bloating occur from time to time, every day.

Probably, the reason Allergy

You accuse swollen belly in excess piece of pizza? But the reason may not be overeating and allergies. Many adults can not tolerate lactose, gluten and fructose, even without knowing it.

If the organism does not split the lactose (and this is lactose) properly, colonic fermentation occurs and gases. And even if you are a lifetime drinking a lot of milk, it does not mean that over the years, you can continue to do so. With age, the body produces less of the enzyme that is involved in the digestion of milk products, it complicates the recycling process.

A similar process can occur with fructose and then a harmless fruit salad can bring discomfort.

What to do if you suspect some sort of food intolerance? Nutritionists have come very easy. They offer their clients a diet that restricts the amount of lactose, fructose and non-absorbable carbohydrates (gluten). In this diet excluded products such as dairy products, some vegetables and fruits, cereals (wheat, rye), legumes, certain soy products, sweeteners (such as honey, agave, sugar alcohols). Once the patient is switched to such a strict diet, the doctor offers to enter into the diet back to forbidden foods, but one by one. Thus, you can pretty quickly determine which foods are causing the problem of bloating and gas.

 Summer problems: coping with a swollen face, swelling and bloating

Less salt

Salt retains moisture. If you have a high concentration of sodium in the blood, especially the body retain water to somewhat reduce the salt concentration. It seems the only way out - to consume less salt. However, this is not easily done. We sometimes do not even suspect that we are surrounded by products filled with salt. This breakfast cereals, canned food to heat up in the microwave.

The maximum daily rate of salt - 2300 milligrams. This quantity is easy to achieve if you're cooking at home, and fresh produce. But if you have to use for cooking canned vegetables or fruit (such as peas, beans, corn), it immediately raises the level of salt. In this case the council is simple - wash the cans before you prepare them.

Do not be afraid of diuretic products

It helps to get rid of water retention, bloating, edema. You do not need any pills. Around us there are enough so-called natural diuretics. For example, such fruits like cranberries or watermelon have very good diuretic. Nutritionist Kimberly Schneider (one of the promoters of detox diet) says: "If you come to me customers who feel swollen, I always give simple advice - to dilute the cranberry juice in a large amount of water and drink this drink during the day. It is a powerful diuretic. " It should also go for vegetables, which contain almost no fructose, it's asparagus and cucumbers.

 Summer problems: coping with a swollen face, swelling and bloating

However, it is a diuretic healthy products. These are not coffee or alcohol. Alcohol forms acid in the body, as well as coffee, the acidity tends to retain water, because the body tends to reduce the level of acid in such a way. In addition, such alcoholic beverages like tequila, rum and beer contain lots of sugar. For example, tequila is 90% of fructose. Less sweet alcoholic drink - Russian vodka.

Be careful with sugar substitutes

Certain artificial sweeteners include sorbitol, the sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, it starts fermentation in the intestine, many bacteria and produces gas, which is the cause bloating.

Incidentally, sorbitol containing chewing gum. If you often chew gum, you too can experience the bloating.

Eat avocados, carrots, oranges

These foods are rich in potassium. They also include cantaloupe, bananas, celery. Why do we potassium? Foods rich in potassium, relieve swelling, balancing the excess salt and reducing water retention.

Inspect first aid kit

Swelling can cause some medicines that you take. These are the most common: birth control pills, steroids, ibuprofen. Follow him. If you notice that the swelling began to appear as soon as you started taking any new medication, ask your doctor to write you a replacement.

 Summer problems: coping with a swollen face, swelling and bloating

Movement - life

Gastrointestinal tract - is a muscle. And, like any muscle, it becomes sluggish, if you do not exercise. Physical activity can stimulate intestinal contraction called peristalsis. It will also help digestion and elimination of gases. In principle, any exercise shows, but especially good for the gastrointestinal tract, yoga, pilates, pose twisting light load with dumbbells.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin