Good product - cabbage ...
 The conversation I once with a woman - a random fellow traveler. She told me how her husband for three months lost 12 kilograms.

He ran for three months in Norway. He lost in his stories, because of the principles of nutrition, widespread there. Here's the gist: Daily on the table there is a large bowl of fresh chopped cabbage. Cabbage comes as a basis for garnish. To it serves sauces, seasonings, meat dishes. Almost do not eat bread. Just like that!

I do not know, it was true or not, but the fact is I was interested. I decided to meet with the usual for us cabbage close ...

For more than ten centuries cabbage at our table enjoyed respect. Soup, soups, borscht - all it sprouts. And sauerkraut? And vodka appetizer, and in the morning - sober. Rights proverb: "Good cabbage. Put on the table is not ashamed, and eat - not sorry. " Only on our table so more and more boiled stew, cabbage and more often. We are accustomed to it.

And now offers trading in a wide range of cabbage. Of red, cauliflower, savoy, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, Chinese broccoli, Chinese - any cabbage on the shelves can be found. All Cabbage belongs to the cruciferous family, to the same genus. What is the advantage of this "family"?

All members cabbage similar in composition to contain about the same set of nutrients and biologically active materials, but in different proportions. Cabbage contains much protein, glucose, fructose, pectin, cellulose, starch and mustard oil. A iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine? The most valuable minerals! And vitamin series, is present in the cabbage is very wide. From A to U - almost half of the alphabet! Prized cabbage for vitamin C content, kohlrabi generally called northern lemon. It has long been no secret that vitamin C - this is the beauty, health and immunity.

 Good product - cabbage ...
 Savoy   Cabbage is rich in protein. Tiny kochanchiki Brussels   Cabbage Vitamin excel in traditional - cabbage. Color   Cabbage is also superior to its content of vitamin C. In general, all the cabbage are good - choose on taste.

Cabbage is appreciated for cleaning and activating the digestive properties. it cellulose Which is rich in plant works. Cells cabbage contain fiber, which is not absorbed by the body and strengthens the intestinal motility. But the biological value of cabbage, not only in the tissue.

An amazing fact - in countries where popular cabbage, the level of cancer is much lower. The thing is that cabbage contains highly immunomodeliruyuschee means it belongs to the glucosinolates. These active substances reduce the risk of cancer, have antioxidant properties that cabbage can be considered a preventive measure against atherosclerosis, cancer, obesity. Furthermore, cabbage regulates endocrine and hormone balance in the body.

If we talk about harmony, then, of course, the most important component in the fight against kilograms - tartronic acid . And what is the merit of the "wonders"? The fact that the tartronic acid prevents processing of carbohydrates obtained in fat cells. We eat cabbage and blocks the "warehousing" of carbohydrates. Unless, of course, we have absorbed carbohydrates in reasonable quantities. Introduction menu 70% fresh raw vegetables ensures a reduced weight. Probably, the ratio of cabbage and other foods should not be less than 50/50. Here it is the secret of "the Norwegian diet"!

 Good product - cabbage ...
   Unfortunately, heat treatment destroys cabbage tartronic acid and most of the vitamins . Quenching, fried, decoction - does not matter. Only fresh and sauerkraut can serve as a supplier of valuable biologically active substances . Cabbage juice, of course.

Cabbage juice   - A means of healing. Drink freshly squeezed it on an empty stomach in the morning, half a cup a day. Drink a course of 2 weeks, then take a break. You can take the juice of cabbage leaves, mixed with other vegetable juices, apple juice, aloe vera juice (a teaspoon), with a teaspoon of honey.

Cabbage juice increases peristalsis in the digestive organs, it contains the whole complex of vitamins and minerals inherent cabbage. This juice treat stomach ulcers, was used as a cleansing agent to the ducts of the liver and airway. As anti-tumor agent, drink courses, alternating with beetroot juice, with mastitis and various tumors in the female genital organs.

Cabbage leaves are used as a compress for bruises, diseases of the joints, various inflammatory processes in the skin.

That such it - cabbage. Highlight cabbage pride of place on your desk. Chop sturdy forks, fold in the closed pot and refrigerate. Eat plenty throughout the day, flavored with soy sauce, cider vinegar, or a spoon of vegetable oil. Generously add cabbage as a side dish to meat and fish boiled. Or you can just chew on a leaf - cheat appetite. Check out how to quickly give up the arrow on the scales. Oh, good product - cabbage!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky